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Grorud’s talent will drop LSK: – I promise to show

GRORUD (VG) Omar Bully Drammeh (18) was unable to continue at Lillestrøm when he was 16 years old. On Wednesday, the Grorud forward will take the league’s elite team out of the cup.

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– I look forward. I feel good. I want to show Lillestrøm what I can do. There are some nerves. It is NM. It means a lot to the club. But we’ll go out there and give it our all and hopefully get a cup advance with us, Drammeh tells VG.

The 18-year-old is one of the players who spends a lot of time in front of the screen in the new TV 2 documentary series about the obosliga team, called “Grorud Underdogs.” There, Drammeh, who is popularly called simply Bully, tells, among other things, about a harsh education.

After being sent off from Vålerenga as a male player, the same thing happened at Lillestrøm in 2018. Although Bully himself believes he swept training.

– I was in shock when I received the message at that time. But it happened pretty fast. It was also a great moment in which I developed a lot as a player and as a person. So I had to keep working and not let that decision stop me from becoming the player I want to be.

Will make a show

And he’s not just any player that Bully looks up to. The role model is Ronaldinho Gáucho (41), the playful Brazilian who was named the best in the world with the ball on his legs in both 2004 and 2005 for the achievements of Barcelona and the National Team.

– It’s been Gáucho, Gáucho from day one, says Bully.

The youngster made his debut at Norway’s second highest level last year. After contributing a goal and including three assists in the same game, the boy who grew up near the Grorud sports center was injured. Before the start of this year’s season, Bully had a relapse with a fatigue fracture in the groin region, and only last month was the attacker in action again.

– I have returned and I have won four games. Now I feel healthy and ready to contribute to Grorud, he says.

When kick-off takes place against league five elite Lillestrøm at 5pm, Bully will be like Ronaldinho on artificial turf.

– Yes Yes Yes. It will be a show. I promise you shows, smile.

This makes it special

Johan Gjønnes Nilsen (28) recently assumed primary responsibility as coach in a deal for the remainder of the season after being an assistant and part of the club since 2016. He likes what he sees and hears from Bully.

– If you give me Ronaldinho, I’ll take him. Omar has something hopeless in him. I really hope that I can come out ahead against Lillestrøm. It would have been a lot of fun, Nilsen tells VG.

Grorud’s boss describes Bully’s abilities in one-on-one situations as one of the reasons the 18-year-old’s potential is described as nearly limitless.

– Has the ability to defeat opponents that are rare. So it’s about doing it often enough. He’s been doing it more and more frequently in workouts lately. It will be exciting to see how it goes in the future.

And the ambitions are high.

– The dream is, of course, the Premier League, the Champions League, to become a great player, and to do something for the country, says Bully.

LSK with respect to Grorud

Last season, Grorud and Lillestrøm were in the same division. After the promotion of the Roman Empire to the Elite Series, they now have a position as the fifth best team in Norway. For Grorud, the situation is completely different. The yellow jerseys are the last in the OBOS league with five points to safe ground with 11 rounds to play.

Sports manager Simon Mesfin at LSK says there is still no danger that Wednesday’s NM opponent will be underestimated.

– We know that Grorud is a well organized team that can be difficult to deal with when they are at their best. The cup is the cup. It is win or lose. At the same time, we have a lot of faith in our own abilities and that we will go out and run the game however we want, Mesfin tells VG.

SPORTS MANAGER: Simon Mesfin is looking forward to NM’s match against Grorud.

He himself wasn’t involved in Bully’s LSK fate in 2018, but the sports manager got a good impression of Grorud’s talent afterward. Among other things through the documentary series on TV 2.

– It seems to have developed very well. He is a good player who has shown his personality and his dreams in the series, which I have seen. He seems like a really nice guy with some extreme abilities that I hope he’s good at refining even more. Because there is no doubt that he has skills that can allow him to play in the Elite Series, and even more than that, but it is about developing every day.

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