Wednesday, October 27

Crown Infected Teammate – Forced to Play a Match

Near tonight’s ice hockey game between Grüner and Manglerud Star, a corona infection was found in the home team. The hockey association says the game will still be played. That worries Grüner’s management.

MUST PLAY: Grüner has been diagnosed with corona infection in one player and another has symptoms. This image is from a match against Vålerenga last year.

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A Grüner player has already tested positive for a crown, another has symptoms. This afternoon, Grüner quickly put the rest of the team facing Manglerud Star to the test in tonight’s elite series of ice hockey.

– We are quite concerned and we think it is a bit awkward for the match to be played, but the hockey association has decided that the match will take place and we relate to it, Grüner general manager Trond-Erik Larsen tells VG .

It was on Monday that a close contact with a player was diagnosed with a crown. Grüner’s player was taken out of the group and quickly tested. That test was negative. Another rapid test and a PCR test were performed on Tuesday. The rapid test was negative again, while the response to the PCR test was positive when it arrived on Wednesday.

– worrying

– Today, a player who sat near the infected person has developed symptoms of corona infection. He was with the team for the game in Stavanger on Tuesday and was training yesterday, says Trond-Erik Larsen.

– Is it safe to play a game now?

– We have asked ourselves that question internally. At Grüner we are concerned about being used to the strict protocol we had last year. We have requested information from the Grünerløkka district infection control team and have spoken with the hockey association. They both say the game should be played. The infection control team says the game is playable, but recommends quick tests. If someone is showing symptoms now, they should come out of the fight.

Deputy Secretary General Kristoffer Holm of the Norwegian Ice Hockey Association has been in contact with Grüner. He says that the association cannot review the decision of the health authorities.

Follow the regulations

– We have a set of rules when matches can be postponed or not. Under normal circumstances, more than 50 percent of players are sick or injured. During the crown pandemic, the federal board decided that if a minimum of five players are out due to infection, the match can be postponed. In this case, it is the health authorities of the infection control team that must carry out an assessment. As long as the health authorities do not consider that it is necessary to quarantine the rest of the players, we cannot review it. We are unable to take professional infection control assessments. We believe that the health authorities are best suited for this, Holm tells VG.

Grüner has informed opponent Manglerud Star about the infection, ahead of tonight’s game.

– All of our players are vaccinated, but you can still get sick. That worries us, says Grüner leader Trond-Erik Larsen.

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