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Drug addicts are tried as if the Storting had adopted drug reform

– The courts are in the process of making a dramatic change of course. Here’s what defense attorney Halvard Helle tells the Rett24 website.

The current government’s drug reform was rejected in the Storting. Regardless, there have been signs from the majority of not punishing drug addicts.

The government drug reform was not adopted. The parliamentary majority said no to the general decriminalization of the use and possession of small amounts of drugs.

As the political debate on drug reform continues, the cases are coming to court: criminal cases in which the police have denounced drug addicts for possession of user doses.

Gives according to Rett24 Constantly new opportunities for “the courts to discuss the completely extraordinary legal source image that has emerged in the field.”

The website writes that the level of punishment set by the Supreme Court for possession for personal use no longer appears to apply to lower courts.

Believe that the view of punitive reactions has changed

In a series of sentences over the past six months, they have assumed that the legislator’s view on punishment has changed.

The Appeals Committee of the Supreme Court has also done so. He declared in early July that “the vision of punitive measures for drug addicts has changed.”

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The police drug problem is growing

It is not clear what kind of drug reform the red-green parties will agree to. SV initially supported government reform, but the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party did not.

The Labor Party has given clear signals that people with “strong drug addiction” should not receive punishment, but help and treatment. Sp also supports the desire for such partial decriminalization.

The “clean” court

– Now the ground floor courts are cleaning up after the Labor Party, the Center Party and the Progress Party failed in their work on drug reform. We see that the courts are in the process of making a dramatic and irreversible turnaround almost overnight. The change also applies to people who are not in a rehabilitation situation.

This is what attorney Halvard Helle tells Rett24.

Helle recently defended a long-term drug addict who was arrested with 5 grams of heroin, 3 deciliters of GHB, and two valium tablets. In passing judgment, the Oslo District Court relied on a recently passed judgment for a similar case of Eidsivating Court of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal noted ia

“… there seems to be broad agreement in the Storting that at least the heaviest drug addicts should not be punished in cases where the criminal act concerns the use or storage of small amounts of drugs for their own consumption” .

The drug addict Helle defended received 14 days of probation. Such punishment means that it should not be served, under specific conditions.

Ask for a political clarification

Helle believes that the problem cannot be permanently solved with a sentence of probation. Ask for political clarification in government negotiations.

At the same time, he believes that it is natural for the Supreme Court to rule on the new level of punishment that is in the process of being established.

Kjerkol: impatient after following Ap’s decision

“The Labor Party, of course, is impatient with a view to following up on decisions for which we actually receive a majority in the Storting’s consideration of drug reform.”

This is how the party’s health policy spokesperson, Ingvild Kjerkol, responds in an SMS to the question of whether it is urgent to clarify a red-green drug reform.

He adds that the Labor Party is also impatient when it comes to initiating an investigation and legislative changes to ensure exemption from punishment for drug addicts, something for which the party did not get a majority.

Sp’s justice policy spokesperson Jenny Klinge says in an SMS that she has no comment on what needs to be clarified now. At the same time, he says he has confidence in the distributors of Sp. For the rest, on Friday afternoon he regretted not being able to delve into the case.

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On Thursday the drug reform will be approved. It will be completely different from what the government envisioned.

Left: I can only hope for new signs from Hurdal

Unge Venstre leader Sondre Hansmark believes that reform is urgently needed. But he doesn’t have particularly high expectations from the three parties that are now sitting in Hurdal and exploring the possibilities of reaching a deal.

– I can only hope for a new address after negotiations. But I don’t believe it until I see it, he says.

The Liberal Party fought for drug reform. Hansmark believes that Jonas Gahr Støre and the Labor Party “ended a reform that would save lives.”

– They challenge the investigation and ask users for help, when they want to maintain a punitive regime that makes it difficult to ask for help, he says.

Here you can get a quick rundown of the entire drug reform process. and how the case at the Storting ended.

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