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– The World Cup team has worked a lot for me.

Magnus Carlsen (30) shoots a scare in the direction of World Cup opponent Jan Nepomnyashchij (31) before the duel between them in November-December.

TEAM CARLSEN: Henrik Carlsen (left) and Peter Heine Nielsen (right) were important parts of Team Carlsen’s last World Cup match, of which this photo was taken. It was in London.

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The world champion is digitally playing the final of the Play Magnus Tour Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. Carlsen comes straight from Norway Chess and from the European Championship for club teams in North Macedonia.

But despite the tough match schedule, Carlsen can reveal to VG that he has gone further in the World Cup preparations than many chess experts thought. He talks about the team of seconds that chess players always have in activity before a World Cup match:

– My World Cup team has already worked a lot. And I have been very involved. It is true that I have not met them, but we have talked a lot online. I’ve already been involved in many decisions, Carlsen tells VG.

GLOBAL OPPONENTS: Magnus Carlsen and Jan Nepomnyashchy.

– So I have five weeks after the tournament here, it says about the final of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour.

– Do you feel like you’re on the right track?

– Yes absolutely!

Jan Nepomnyashchij, for his part, did not want to reveal anything about his plan when VG spoke to him during Norway Chess. But his high school boss, Vladimir Potkin, said there were at least post-tournament training camps in Rogaland.

Nepomnyashchy didn’t say anything about who his team is other than Potkin. Carlsen doesn’t say that either. Therefore, VG asks:

– Do you have your gear ready now?

– Yes, I don’t think there will be more in place after this, replies Magnus Carlsen.

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– How many there are?

– I’m not quite sure, he answers wisely – after thinking about it for a while.

What is clear, however, is that Peter Heine Nielsen will continue as Carlsen’s second boss. He has played that role in the last three matches of the Norwegian World Cup: in Sochi, in New York and in London.

Magnus Carlsen will also not reveal who is in his support apparatus in Dubai in a couple of months. Previously, the team consisted of Espen Agdestein, Henrik Carlsen, chef Magnus Forssell, Dr. Brede Kvisvik and all-rounder Bjørn Gunnar Nesse.

– There will be some replacements.

– Which?

– You’ll see it in Dubai!

Espen Agdestein now has a new role in the Carlsen system. He is no longer a manager, but works for Play Magnus. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve such a central role as in previous World Cup matches.

– Is it important for you to win the final of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour?

– Yes, definitely! I meet the best in the world, and this is the final after a year of play.

– What do you do after that?

– Yes, I’m going straight to a longer training ground. I don’t have a clear plan for the World Cup match. In fact, I have considered playing another tournament before the World Cup, but now I have turned it down.

– Are you afraid of getting tired of playing so much?

– I’ve been more afraid of rusting. But the long physical chess tournaments World Cup and Norway Chess have been of great help.

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TV 2 expert Jon Ludvig Hammer tells VG this:

– Magnus plays almost every day now. It is an intense program. But he is voluntary and believes that it is the way to be better prepared. And no one knows better how to prepare for a World Cup match than Magnus.

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