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Skip sponsors on Bråthen conflict: ski association has broken cooperation agreement

LO, Nammo and Lundin believe that the Ski Association’s handling of the labor dispute with Clas Brede Bråten damages its reputation and is a violation of the cooperation agreement between the parties. LO still chooses to be in the sponsorship deal.

CONFLICT: Clas Brede Bråthen does not wish to continue with the Ski Association.

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LO hired law professor Geir Woxholth from the University of Oslo to conduct a legal assessment that says the Ski Association has most likely broken the cooperation agreement with the national ski jumping team.

– This case is very serious for us, and a case that we cannot bear for a long time. It is about limiting the loss of reputation inflicted on us by the Ski Federation. They must assume full and total responsibility, says the secretary of LO responsible for the cooperation agreement, Are Tomasgard, to VG.

“It is very likely that the ski association has breached the cooperation agreement by putting LO, and most likely the other sponsors, in such a position that their reputation should be considered damaged,” concludes Woxholth.

This breach is very likely to give the sponsors the right to terminate the cooperation agreement, the attorney states.

The cooperation agreement between LO and the Norwegian Ski Association in the national ski jumping team started in 2016 with a duration of 3 years. In 2019 it was renewed for 3 years and lasts until April 2022.

LO wants the management of the Ski Federation to sign a new complementary agreement, which guarantees that the money that LO has committed to pay for the contract year 2021/2022 – clearly and verifiably goes in its entirety to the jumpers, both women and men.

They choose to temporarily stop payments to the Ski Federation, but want to remain in the cooperation agreement, despite handling.

– We really like jumping, ski jumpers are completely innocent in this. They have given great results and have an Olympic season ahead of them. We have no intention of breaking under the mat for ski jumpers. We are looking for solutions that can secure them this season, says Tomasgard.

The background of the case is the heated conflict between the sports director of the jumpers Clas Brede Bråthen and the leadership of the Ski Association of the general secretary Ingvild Bretten Berg and Erik Røste. They want Bråthen to be removed from the post after 17 years in the post, as they believe he has unacceptable behavior in working life.

LO also counters the claims of the Ski Association that they interfere with the interior of the sport.

– It was never our intention. We are strong advocates of the free role of sport and that sport must be completely sovereign and make its own decisions, Tomasgard tells VG and continues.

– It is our responsibility to manage our contract with the Norwegian Ski Association, which the independent ski association has concluded with the sponsors. It contains clear obligations on how we should behave with each other. One must strengthen the reputation of others, not weaken it. When reputation is now weakened as a result of how to handle a case, it is very discouraging for us.

VG has contacted the communications director of the Norwegian Ski Association, Espen Graff. It says that the Ski Federation will make a statement at a later date.

The case is being updated.

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