Wednesday, October 27

Extended orange flood warning – also applies to Østfold

NVE has extended the orange flood warning, which previously only applied to Oslo and Romerike, to also apply to Østfold.

– It is a serious situation that can cause extensive flooding and erosion damage in exposed places, says Tommy Skårholen, hydrologist on duty at the Norwegian Directorate of Energy and Water Resources, to TV 2.

The reason for the expansion is a lot of precipitation and a rapid increase in water flow on Fridays and Saturdays.

Skårholen asks people who live near waterways to follow the situation closely.

The precipitation in eastern Norway appears to continue through Sunday night. During the day, the Meteorological Institute has estimated that there will be between 50 and 70 millimeters of rain, and they have issued a yellow warning.

In addition to a lot of rain in the south and east on Sunday, there has been a lot of wind in western Norway.

Anlaug Stornes (left) and Marianne Eggum photograph high waves at Utsira on Sunday morning.

Strong find

In various parts of the country there have been strong winds and a lot of precipitation. Trees were felled and roads were blocked. People are asked to drive carefully.

On Sunday morning, Vegtrafikksentralen Vest posted several messages about trees that ended up on the road.

In Vestby, firefighters set out at 7.30 to remove a tree that had fallen on the Johan Herman Wessel road. Just before 8 a.m. on Sunday, firefighters moved to Ås in Follo, where a tree overturned on the road and hit a house. No injuries were reported.

In Arendal, a tree fell and blocked Skilsøveien on both lanes. At 9.30am, the Agder police report a fallen tree on the Tveit road in Kristiansand.

A tree has also crossed a line, causing more than 2,300 of Skagerak Energi’s customers in Larvik to lack power, the company reports on its website. Also about 700 households in Søndre Land are without electricity.

In addition, the Fjordlines ferry company trips between Kristiansand and Hirtshals have been canceled due to bad weather.

E6 closed after landslide

Landslide on E6 at Drivdalen Sunday morning.

A police patrol reported a landslide on the E6 in Drivdalen while they were at the scene, Trøndelag police wrote on Twitter. Drivdalen is located between Oppdal and Hjerkinn.

The E6 between Oslo and Trondheim over Drivdalen, about three kilometers north of Kongsvoll, is closed, so it is recommended to drive the national road 3 through Østerdalen. The road traffic control center and the geologist have been notified to assess the conditions.

Highway 13 Bredvika between Tau and Sand was also temporarily closed due to a landslide. The road is now clear and open for free traffic.

Water in basements

Sigmund Clementz, head of communications for insurance company If, says in a press release that the company is closely monitoring the situation.

– On Sunday, a lot of rain was reported in many places, and it can bring water to both residential homes and businesses, he says.

If a lot of water gets into a basement furnished with a bathroom, there can be damage of between 300,000 and 500,000 crowns, according to Clementz.

– Keep a close eye on the water level around the house and move objects and furniture from the basement to another floor if the water threatens to enter. Cars, caravans and motorhomes that are positioned so that water can reach them should move now, says the communications manager.

Currently calm in eastern Norway

When Aftenposten spoke to the fire service covering Oslo, Bærum, Asker, Østfold and Romerike at 11.30am on Sunday, they had few injuries to report.

– Until today we have only had three or four incidents. We are talking about trees that have fallen on power lines, says Hans Erik Tysdal, service commander of the Fire and Rescue Service in Oslo.

This 110-central IKS, which covers 29 municipalities in Romerike, in Follo and Østfold with approx. 750,000 inhabitants, also reports a quiet Sunday so far.

– Today we have not had as much to do as yesterday. We have had three or five cellars with water. In addition, we have had five to ten trees down, says Lars Erik Robertsen, operator at Øst 110-central IKS.

County Road 1064 at Carlberg Farm in Moss was closed at 12:30 pm Sunday due to a tree across the road.

One of the trees fell on the network, the others on the road network. Roads should be clear by now.

Drenched sunday

Forecasters have warned of the storm that characterizes Sunday across much of western and eastern Norway.

– On Sunday østafjells will be soaked with 50 to 70 millimeters in 24 hours, they write on Twitter.

Oslo police also wrote Sunday morning on Twitter that there is a yellow danger level of rain and landslides in Oslo, Asker and Bærum.

Emergency services encourage residents where there is a warning to open clogged drains and gutters, secure loose objects, drive carefully, and stay away from flooded waterways.

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