Sunday, October 24

I was just happy. But it was a good weekend for Rekdal and HamKam.

Competitors could get closer. But HamKam and Kjetil Rekdal are currently on their way to the Elite Series.

Kjetil Rekdal and HamKam are currently keeping a good distance from the rest of the promotion rivals.

Aalesund – HamKam 1–1

It was narrowed in duels. The Aalesund and HamKam players left nothing in the middle. For 1st division teams, there is one thing that applies: promotion.

2008. This is the last time HamKam was in the Elite Series. Now the team leads to the second highest level. The years in the valleys of the shadows may be coming to an end.

On Sunday, they were able to get closer to the Elite Series. But on the way was Aalesund. Also those looking for promotions.

Then it ended, as is often the case when two important teams meet at the same time, as the stakes are high: with one point for each. Both AaFK coach Lars Arne Nilsen and HamKam coach Kjetil Rekdal were happy with that.

For AaFK, a point means those in the driver’s seat for second place, giving direct promotion. At the same time, league leader HamKam has recovered from another difficult match without losing ground to the teams behind.

Kjetil Rekdal showed a bit of a smiling face, but kept his usual neutral demeanor after the match. It does not take anything in advance.

But now there are growing signs that his team will play in the Eliteserien next year, provided there is no collapse.

Important points

He was ready for an intense adventure at Color Line Stadium. The game was the AaFK’s first with the possibility of a full house in a long time.

While HamKam is looking for his first elite league season in a long time, AaFK could enter the game knowing they have experience with these situations. The team has risen and fallen from the top tier in recent years. They broke the promo code until 2019.

At the same time, they may have had a bit more pressure on them than Hamar’s guests. Because it is the first two who are promoted directly from the 1st division. Jerv’s 1-1 result on the road against Sogndal the day before meant that AaFK could take a little stronger control in the last direct promotion spot. But then HamKam had to fight.

There were three very important points in the pot.

Good course

Almost 5,000 tickets were sold for the match in Ålesund. The local fans had mobilized. The same thing happened with a group of Hamar looking for promotions.

But it was the hosts who were able to cheer first. A little over half an hour had passed when Simen Bolkan Nordli, 1st Division Assistant King, launched a free kick into HamKam’s area. Erlend Segberg was the first to touch the ball and nailed it into the net. It exploded among local fans at the Color Line Stadium.

The 1-0 at halftime would have been good for his nerves, but Hamar’s guests would have none of that. The AaFK players could smell victory in the air and Aleksander Melgalvis scored a 30-meter free kick in the 16th minute in the 16th minute. After a bit of a match, he finished off Jonas Enkerud. He scored twice against Sandnes Ulf in the middle of the week, and the experienced forward was ruthless this time too. The hosts were not satisfied with the judgment, but they had to realize the fact:

1–1. Everything was possible before the last 45.

Erlend Segberg and AaFK are off to a good start.

Two moderately satisfied coaches

As in the first half, the last half also consisted of many labor wars. But there were opportunities. Enkerud was close to his second, but hit the post. At the same time, the hosts had their attempts ahead of them.

But in the end, it dwindled each of the teams by one point.

Visiting HamKam supporters waved their flags and sang their hearts out afterward. Rekdal himself was just happy. He thought the team could have done more to score the winning goal in the second round.

– We play to win. We must not forget. We cannot be cowards and think one point at a time. Today we had the opportunity to win, but we did not take advantage of it. At the same time, we can be brilliantly satisfied with one point, he told Eurosport Norway.

They now have seven points for Jerv in third place, six for AaFK. Eight games remain.

– We have to win several more games to go up, but we have a good distance with those behind, said Rekdal.

If HamKam succeeds, it could soon be Sunday’s opponent who follows.

– It will be interesing. There are several teams that are lying and fighting now. The toughest and the best wins in the end. We’ll see if it’s us, AaFK coach Lars Arne Nilsen said.

With one point, it’s the “status quo” for them and Jerv.

Hamar’s gang could be very happy. But nothing is decided.

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