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Norway’s best gymnast had to think of something new: – It was worth it

The Sofus Heggemsnes tournament did not dare to fall after the Olympics. He has been rewarded for it.

Sofus Heggemsnes participated in the Olympics, but due to injury a few months earlier, it was only in four out of six devices. Now he is ready to fight again.

Typically, Olympic participants take a “break” after the games. Most of the people who returned home from Tokyo enjoyed a few days off from hard training. Heggemsnes went on his way. Holidays were a no-brainer.

In three competitions in a row, he has delivered a score above 80, which was necessary with respect to withdrawals from the World Cup. At this weekend’s NM in Tromsø, he delivered the best race. The Oslo Turn athlete received a score of 80,950. His best performance.

– It is worth moving forward, says Heggemsnes.

The 22-year-old won the North Carolina title and the King’s Cup, and before long the trip will go to the WC in Japan. NM winner and runner-up Harald Wibye from Fana-Laksevåg Turnforening will be the only ones from Norway.

The competition in Tromsø was tough. Precisely the two competed to win the generous trophy.

Harald was very ill. He was nervous, Heggemsnes admits.

Satisfied in Tromsø. Coach Valentyn Skrypin and gymnast Sofus Heggemsnes.

The pressure to the end

Only in the last apparatus did the decision come, when Heggemsnes turned the counter and the competing bar.

– I’ve never seen it better, says club coach Valentyn Skrypin.

He affirms that Heggemsnes has been determined not only to reach the World Cup, but also to be among the 24 best in the world to reach the general final.

– And then we have set the course for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. And then the objective is not “just” to qualify, but to deliver good results that are noticeable.

A new coach has been hired for the German national team. His name is Robert Hirsch and he was present during the championship in Tromsø. It must be in the World Cup.

Gymnasts are excited about what will happen with morning training, which is a must, but not in place.

Also, Theodor Gadderud, who has been one of Norway’s best in recent years, chooses to go to America. He has to study and tour for a university there. Skrypin fears that it will be difficult to maintain his place in the national team, but he is happy that Gadderud has entered a recognized university.

Sofus Heggemsnes has set the course for the Olympic Games:

Already on the olympic route

Heggemsnes continues as before, and is at the level he was when he was injured a few months before the Olympics. He moved both ankles in a jump, which meant he could only run four, not six finals in Tokyo.

– It is in a plus level, better than before, believes Skrypin.

Peder Skogvang, who announced the move from Tromsø to Oslo Turn, finished in bronze (75,950 points). The Oslo club is by far the strongest in Norway on the men’s side. At the National Championships, she was 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th place individually and victory in the team competition for women and men.

On the women’s side, it was Juliane Amalie Tøssebro from Fana-Laksevåg who took the King’s Cup, followed by Mari Tidemann Kanter from Holmen and Maria Tronrud, Oslo Turn.

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