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– You will feel overlooked

LILLEHAMMER (VG) Karsten Warholm (25) tops the world rankings and is among the favorites to win the World Athletics ‘Athlete of the Year’ award. But the Norwegian knows all about what it feels like to be “robbed” by the most generous prize in athletics.

GOLDEN BOY: Karsten Warholm won Olympic gold with a world record run in Tokyo. Now Sunnmøringen is chasing new prices.

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Few, if any, perform as consistently at a sky-high level as Karsten Warholm (25). The achievements have sent the Norwegian to the top of the world athletics (International Athletics Federation) ranking of the world’s best male athletes, regardless of exercise.

Now, after all, he keeps the throne for the rest of the year.

– I hope so. “I don’t see that the ranking does not last the year,” Warholm tells VG.

The largest international competitions have been held, where athletes can accumulate the most points for the ranking. Thus, Warholm’s fiercest competitors, Mondo Duplantis and Ryan Crouser, can no longer overtake the 25-year-old.

– It feels good. It was a bit important to come because in the end, I have a lot of free months at the top. That Olympic result probably saved me, says Warholm.

He has had a tremendous progression year over year, and is now four races under 47 seconds. The fastest, the world record of 45.94, secured him Olympic gold in the 400m hurdles in Tokyo. Almost every time he goes out onto the field, he does a superior run. Give a lot of ranking points.

At the end of each calendar year, World Athletics awards the Athlete of the Year award for both women and men. Warholm hopes the rankings can provide a clue as to who is getting away with the generous prize.

– If I don’t get it this year, I will feel ignored. But one should never take it for granted. If I don’t get it this year, I’ll never get it, he says.

Ryan Crouser in shot put has done very well too. We are the two of us who have broken the world record this year. It must tell something. I’m the only one who broke the record at the Olympics, but I don’t know. It is impossible to say. I’m not on the jury, but I have little hope that it will turn out well this year. I want it, I got it, he says.

Usain Bolt is the biggest winner of the award:

If it doesn’t go well this year, it won’t be the first time Warholm has been beaten at the finish line for the award.

In 2019, he sat down with luck in the hallway of Monaco along with coach Leif Olav Alnes. The hurdler had been undefeated throughout the season and most indicated that the award would be his.

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Instead, Eliud Kipchoge appeared in a video link from Kenya. The marathon runner had run less than two hours into the marathon, in a race with many assists, a controversial shoe and a result that was not approved as a valid time by World Athletics. They still chose to give the award to the Kenyan.

– Then I felt robbed. But it’s going well, I’m over it. You can make up for it if you are a little nice to me now, Warholm smiles today.

– Will there be no video from Kenya this year?

– Now it is marathon season, so it is not decided yet of course. I feel like the Olympics is the most important thing, and that I place it in the Olympics should count enough. But you never know, he says.

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