Wednesday, October 27

Labor Party nominates Eva Kristin Hansen as Storting spokesperson

Eva Kristin Hansen has been elected to the Storting of the Sør-Trøndelag constituency. She has been a member of the Storting since 2005. She is now the Labor Party candidate to assume the chairmanship of the Storting.

The Parliamentary group of the Labor Party has unanimously chosen Eva Kristin Hansen (48) as a candidate to assume the presidency of the Storting.

It’s ready after a group meeting on Tuesday.

– Eva has a solid experience and knowledge of parliamentary work and, with her competence and experience, she will be able to direct the work in the Storting in a good and reliable way, says party secretary Kjersti Stenseng.

Hansen has been elected from Sør-Trøndelag and has been a member of the Storting since 2005. She has been the first Vice President of the Storting since 2017.

The Presidency is responsible for planning and facilitating the work of the Storting, and is responsible for ensuring that constitutional standards on the relationship between the government and the National Assembly are observed.

The chairman of the Storting is Norway’s highest public office after the king.

Favorite stamp

NTB was already able to report Monday that Hansen was in the process of becoming Ap’s favorite for the presidency. Various party sources tell NTB that they believe it is natural for the next president to come from the Labor Party.

The Labor Party also proposes Sverre Myrli (50) from the Akershus constituency as a member of the presidency and Åse Kristin Ask Bakke (25) from Møre og Romsdal as secretary. Bakke is the youngest representative of the Storting.

The Center Party has also nominated Nils T. Bjørke (62) from Hordaland as second vice president.

Therefore, Sp will not challenge the Labor Party in the battle for the highest position in the Storting.

The right proposes Harberg

The first vice president position is expected to go to the Conservatives. Their candidate is Svein Harberg (63) from Aust-Agder, who has been with the Storting since 2009.

– I want to thank good colleagues for their attitude. The pandemic we have left behind has raised the need for strong democratic security mechanisms. I look forward to helping strengthen them through my experience and in the presidency, Harberg says in a press release.

The Conservatives want Svein Harberg as the first vice president of the new Storting.

Conservative Party parliamentary leader Trond Helleland notes that Harberg recently chaired a committee that investigated the Storting’s oversight function.

– It is an invaluable experience to be part of the presidency of the Storting, says Helleland.

FRP has registered Morten Wold (54) of Buskerud as their candidate for the presidency. Wold was second vice president from 2017-2021 and has worked at the Storting since 2013.

He takes off his sweater

The new chairman of the Storting will replace Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen of the Conservative Party. Trøen took office in 2018 when his predecessor Olemic Thommessen (H) had to resign due to the Storting construction scandal.

The previous year, Thommessen was re-elected president of the Storting by a narrow margin after a vote against Eva Kristin Hansen.

It is common for the chairman of the Storting to come from the largest party in the Storting or from a party in the coalition that holds the power of government.

The new presidency is elected when the new Storting is constituted. It happens next Saturday.

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