Wednesday, October 27

Spain ready for the Nations League final

(Italy 1-2 Spain) Italy have set a new world record and become European champions since losing to Portugal in the fall of 2018. Three years later, Spain ensured that the series would stop at 37 games without losing in the semifinals. of the League of Nations.

DISMISSAL: Leonardo Bonucci (second from right) was sent off just before half-time.

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This summer, Italy took the gold at the European Championship and Roberto Mancini’s team had the opportunity to truly prove that they are the best team in Europe in the Nations League playoffs, where Italy, Spain, France and Belgium this week make up for the tournament win in a playoff. held in Italy.

But in the semi-finals, there was an abrupt stop for Italy. Two goals from Ferrán Torres and an expulsion from Italian captain Leonardo Bonucci made the match decided well before the second half.

In the second half, Spain controlled more, but in the 83rd minute Federico Chiesa and Lorenzo Pellegrini countered in a reduction. However, it was with the hope of the home crowd and Spain won 2-1.

The loss is the Italian men’s team’s first loss since losing 1-0 away to Portugal on September 10, 2018. Since then, they have played 37 games in a row without losing (28 full-time wins, two wins after the penalties, a win in extra innings and six draws), which is the longest series for a men’s team and two more games than Spain achieved in the 2007-2009 golden years.

The defeat is also the first for the Italian men’s team on Italian soil in a match counted since Denmark won in Naples in 1999. Since then, the Italians have lost several training matches at home, but in qualifying matches and the League. of Nations, on Wednesday. the loss is the first home loss of this millennium.

After a good start at Milan’s San Siro, Spain gradually took over. Just over a quarter of an hour was played when Mikel Oyarzabal swung the ball in front of the goal. Inside the area, Ferrán Torres ran free and headed the ball to the corner.

Gianluigi Donnarumma was not a popular man in his old field and the PSG player did not look very comfortable as he almost lost the ball in his own goal the next minute, but luckily for Italy the post and Leonardo Bonucci avoid another Spanish goal.

SPANISH ACCLAIMS: The Spanish team cheers after Ferrán Torres’ second goal.

After half an hour of play, Bonucci received a yellow card. After the post and a big boom from Lorenzo Insigne had prevented the Italian equalization, Bonucci received his second yellow card after hitting Sergio Busquets in the neck with his elbow. Italy lost the captain four minutes before half-time and in overtime the Oyarzabal / Torres duo made a formidable challenge waiting for Italy after Torres headed in his second goal of the match.

Italy got a reduction, but it was not enough for the home team. Now on Sunday a bronze final awaits, while Spain will play the final on the same day.

P.S! Spain began with the Barcelona player Gavi, who thus wrote the history of Spanish football. The midfielder is only 17 years and 62 days old and is the youngest player to have played for the Spanish men’s team. Before tonight’s game, Ángel Zubieta was the youngest player to play for Spain. He was 17 years and 283 days old when he played for Spain against the former Czechoslovakia in 1936.

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