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The men’s team took “haunting” pictures of the Sandviken ladies.

These pictures hung in Sandviken’s closet. The men’s team coach had them removed.

The Sandviken women’s team has now moved to a smaller wardrobe to ensure that the pictures are hanging on the wall.

– It’s completely ridiculous.

Sandviken player Ingrid Stenevik talks about the special situation that has arisen at Stemmemyren.

Just listen here:

A month ago, Sandviken, who was looking for gold, decided to hang photos of all the players of the women’s team in Stemmemyren’s dressing room.

They were not allowed to stay there long.

Ingrid Stenevik in training at Stemmemyren in July last year.

I wanted the “home wardrobe feel”

The following week, on September 3, the Sandviken men’s team was to play a home game in the 3rd division.

Before the start of the match, coach Magne Hesmyr Nilsen received a phone call. They told him that there were photos of the club’s players in the locker room and asked if they should hang there or not.

Normally, the two Sandviken teams share the dressing room, but due to coronary restrictions, the women’s team has had exclusive rights to the dressing room during training.

Nilsen says he consulted with the rest of the technical team. They thought the images would be “disturbing” for the male players before the game. The photos were deleted.

– This is a municipal facility, and we want it to feel like it’s our wardrobe when we play a game. Therefore, we chose to remove the images. There’s no more drama than that, says men’s coach Magne Hesmyr Nilsen.

The black marks on the walls are the remnants of the glue that was used to hang the pictures in the closet.

I found the photos in the warehouse.

Mette Hammersland came to work a few days later and reacted when she found out what had happened.

She is the Media Director at Sandviken Toppfotball.

– I thought it was absolutely horrible that the photos were deleted. We posted the photos to make the players feel proud and motivated.

He found the photos again in the warehouse where the first aid kit is usually kept.

Mette Hammersland in connection with a members meeting in Brann about the Sandviken women’s team will join the elite league club.

Players are listed

Defender Ingrid Stenevik says they were told the reason the pictures were removed was that the men’s team couldn’t motivate themselves to fight when there were 20 women hanging on the wall.

– We are at the top of the table. If it’s not motivating for other club teams, then I don’t know, he says.

She adds that they are used to locker rooms where photos of male players are hung on the walls, and they have never considered photos of other players as a problem.

His teammate Maria Brochmann says that they are upset about the situation and that such things happen, but emphasizes that it does not destroy their motivation.

– We just want to show more that we deserve the respect that we should receive now and that we should have had a long time ago, he says.

Attacking player Maria Brochmann says the men’s handling of the situation gives her motivation to perform even better on the field.

Photos were removed before the game.

The images were removed before the men’s match started, according to Nilsen. He doesn’t think any of the male players saw the photos.

– Couldn’t the images inspire you?

– Yes, it is clear. But we must focus on ourselves.

– Do you understand that women react?

– I dont know. I can’t answer that.

Changed to a smaller closet

The women opted to switch to the smaller Stemmemyren wardrobe to ensure that the pictures hung on the wall.

Male coach Nilsen describes the situation as a “storm in a glass of water” and believes the case was resolved fairly.

– It was the ladies who came up with that proposal. We said yes to that, he says.

Nilsen believes that the women’s team would have done the same if he had hung photos of the men’s team on the wall.

– I think they were also shot down.

– If the situation had been the other way around, we would never have taken the photographs. We would have been proud to have a men’s team playing in the Eliteserien and rather used it as motivation, responds Hammersland.

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