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– A long and demanding process

Maren Lundby (27) is unwilling to lose weight indefensibly and has to bear with regret at the Winter Olympics in Beijing this winter.

MISTER OL: Maren Lundby has encouraged a lot in her career, but next season she will not compete. Here it celebrates the Olympic gold in 2018.

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To transfer NRK The jumping star confirms that she will not be going to the Chinese Olympics. The jumping star opens up that she is struggling with weight and is unwilling to lose weight indefensibly towards the championship.

– In ski jumping extreme demands are made in various aspects, and weight is one of them, says a very excited Lundby.

Therefore, she will not have a chance to defend the Pyeongchang Olympic gold in 2018. The 27-year-old is also ahead of the rest of the races in the winter season.

– It’s very heavy. I think it is a good choice and I do it to take care of myself, not to cut corners. I know I have always been very good at doing things correctly and I intend to continue that, she tells NRK.

Lundby says there are natural reasons why her body has become different lately. It’s obviously a difficult topic to talk about for the jumping star, who struggles to keep her voice in check during the interview. Tears also appear, but:

– I would rather have a long career, he says about the difficult choice.

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This fall, Lundby participates in “Skal vi danse” on TV 2. He says that the participation has been an attempt to find answers towards the Olympic season.

– It is difficult for me to talk about that, because I love ski jumping and I try very hard to be at the top. At the same time, I know what it takes to fight for the medals. Now I have a few extra pounds to claim the top, he says. Oppland Arbeiderblad.

– Everyone who knows Maren understands how heavy this is for her, jump manager Clas Brede Bråthen tells VG.

– He really tried hard. Unfortunately, it ended like this.

– Did this surprise you?

– No, because we have been in close dialogue with Maren since April about this. It has been a long and demanding process in which we have tried our best to find out how it is connected, says the jump director.

– Along with the medical device, Maren agreed that she had to be open about this now.

– Are there other reasons besides weight?

– It is complex, but I do not want to go into what has to do with health. It’s confidential and something she has to talk about herself.

STILL AT THE DANCE: Maren Lundby rocks on the floor in prime time this fall.

– Did you join “Bailamos” because you knew the race was over?

– No, actually it was the exact opposite! We think that as much activity as there is in “Shall we dance” could help to solve it or that the process would have led us to be elsewhere now. But sadly, it was unsuccessful.

– Was weight also an issue last winter?

– She became a world champion last winter! says Clas Brede Bråthen.

For Oppland Arbeiderblad, however, Lundby says he already felt it in last year’s season.

– The body does not react to exercise in the same way as before.

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