Wednesday, October 20

It is not the first time that the men’s team takes pictures in the dressing room

– This would never have happened if a women’s team in the 3rd division had worn the same wardrobe as a men’s team in the Elite Series, says Captain Tuva Hansen.

Sandviken captain Tuva Hansen says it shouldn’t be like what they experienced in the club’s dressing room.

On Wednesday it was known that the men’s team’s coaching staff chose to remove photos of the players of the Superior Series team looking for gold in the locker room because they seemed “disruptive”. Now it turns out that this is not the first time that the photos of the series leader have been removed.

– No, this is not the first time the men’s team has removed the locker room footage, says media manager Mette Hammersland at Sandviken Toppfotball.

– We made some profile photos on A4 sheets that we laminated and hung at the beginning of the season. The men’s team also took these photos. We hung them up again before our players returned to the locker room, he says.

Sandviken captain Tuva Hansen remembers A4 sheets of photographs being hung in the dressing room, and was also disappointed when they retired.

– I’m reasonably tired of having to draw the equality card, but it shouldn’t be like that. This would never have happened if a women’s team in the 3rd division had worn the same wardrobe as a men’s team in the Elite Series.

These images were removed from the closet.

– Infinitely sad for not having gone further

– I know this has also happened earlier this summer, says chairman of the board of directors Pål Hansen at Sandviken Toppfotball.

He considers that the case of the photos in the club changing room in Sandviken speaks for itself, and says that he does not see it necessary to comment much more on this.

– Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. Sometimes cases that show the madness of the surface, both gloomy and attitudes. This is just one of a hundred cases that could have been discovered, he says, adding:

– It is infinitely sad that we have not advanced further on the man / woman issue.

Prevent similar incidents from happening again

– We believe that the best Norwegian women’s team should have their player photos posted in peace in the dressing room, and we regret that they have been removed.

Alexander Jansen, General Manager of Sandviken IL, writes in an email to BT. Now, the main board will ask the men’s team to account for the case and process it more internally, he says.

– With a good dialogue between the parties, we want to prevent this type of incident from happening again, and make sure that the women’s team maintains the place it deserves, he also writes.

Jansen tells BT that he has been informed that the photographs in the closet have been removed multiple times.

– Norway still has a way to go when it comes to gender equality in football. Here, Sandviken has blown away over the years, and then it’s very sad to hear that we ourselves failed on such an important point. Sandviken will continue to be a club fighting for women’s football, and we must use the time ahead to strengthen club loyalty and the values ​​of the sports movement, she writes.

“Now all communication on this matter will go through the club’s board,” writes men’s coach Magne Hesmyr Nilsen in an SMS to BT.

BT has tried to get a comment from Kirsty Alvheim Cunningham, who is chairman of the board of Sandviken IL. She points to one statement on the sports team website.

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