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Here is the Bråthen report that made the ski peaks steep

The management of the Norwegian Ski Association believes they are exposed to ladle kicks in an internal monthly report they received from Clas Brede Bråthen (52) earlier this year.

REPORT SENT: In March, Jumping Director Clas Brede Bråthen sent out a monthly report with sections on the attention sparked by skiing. The sections will be written by Alexander Stöckl and his training colleague Christian Meyer.

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It was after the World Ski Championships earlier this year that the board of directors of the Norwegian Ski Association received a monthly report from the ski jumping manager. Some parts of the content must have caused several board members to “react strongly.”

It arises in a written internal dialogue between the Kluge Law Firm and General Secretary Ingvild Bretten Berg and Ski President Erik Røste. The note has the title “Evaluation of possible termination: need for more information” and it is dated August 26 of this year.

VG has gained access to the relevant document and can publish all sections today. (see the bottom of the box) that the ski caps have marked with yellow marker. This was done to show the ski association attorneys what they characterize as a “spoon kick.”

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Among the sections that the ski jumping field has written and to which the tops react are the following:

“It is just to thank the employees for their loyalty who were sometimes fired so that they could continue the sport of jumping in Norway… In this context, I think some of them are surprised that the association delivered a benefit, while they were in a financially demanding situation for several months. ‘

In other parts of the monthly report, the bold text is below as the yellow mark:

«I would like to thank everyone who threatened us and our ambitions to complete the season in the most ordinary way possible. A special thanks to everyone who actively contributed to this process in a positive direction. Sometimes it was less than we expected.

REACTED: Ski President Erik Røste.

In minutes after a ski association board meeting in March, he says that based on the memo that VG is sitting on, the jumping committee was asked if they were behind the report.

It’s not the first time

According to the lawyer’s note, the then jump committee leader should have said that parts of the report are based on the management’s point of view, and that it should be seen in relation to the fact that several were tired and frustrated afterwards. of a challenging season.

The meeting minutes also state, according to Kluge’s note, that “the board expressed that the form of communication of the report is expected to change in the next report.”

“It is important to note that this is not the first time that the jump branch report contains a slippery kick to the board and board decisions, and that this has been a board issue on several occasions.” it is also indicated in Kluge’s note.

The memorandum consists of a series of questions from the ski association’s lawyers, where the association’s management responds in writing, so that the Kluge law firm can consider a possible dismissal of Bråthen.

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The monthly report that VG looks at in this case is written by several people who work in the ski jumping administration of the ski association. Alexander Stöckl and his training colleague Christian Meyer say they have written the four parts the ski board reacted to.

Formally, this is the ski jumping committee’s report to the ski board. But it is true that each department writes its section, sends it to the sporting director (Bråthen, editor’s note), who writes all the parts and refers it to the jumping committee for approval. From there, the report goes to the ski board, says national team manager Alexander Stöckl to VG.

NATIONAL TEAM MANAGER: Alexander Stöckl will keep Clas Brede Bråthe as jump manager.

– To what extent do you think that the writing of the report can be characterized as a kick of the spoon to which it is fair to react?

– I must admit, when I read it later, that the end of my report could have been phrased differently. I wish there was a ceiling for emotions and criticism in the middle of a very demanding season. At the time I wrote the report, I was disappointed that I did not receive direct support, says Stöckl, who believes that he too could have asked NSF leadership for help.

The director of the national team tells VG that he has written monthly reports for ten years without being contacted about what he has delivered:

– If management had made contact regarding ambiguities or unfair criticism, they probably would have avoided some frustrations, insults or misunderstandings, he says.

NO COMMENT: This is what communications manager Espen Graff says.

No comment

VG has asked the Norwegian Ski Association several questions in relation to this case.

Espen Graff, head of communication for the ski association, refers to the same answer he gave on Tuesday: when VG also mentioned Kluge’s internal document:

“VG has been given access to the internal documents of the case and we cannot comment on the content of these.”


AWAKENED REACTIONS: These words are written by Christian Meyer, according to himself.
AWAKENED REACTIONS: These words are written by Alexander Stöckl, according to himself.
AWAKENED REACTIONS: These words are written by Alexander Stöckl, according to himself.
AWAKENED REACTIONS: These words are written by Alexander Stöckl, according to himself.

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