Wednesday, October 27

– I was damn dissatisfied for a while.

ULLEVAAL STADION (VG) (Norway 2-0 Montenegro) Norway eventually won 2-0 at home against Montenegro, but sometimes struggled in the second round. Then Stefan Strandberg (31) had to say clearly.

DIRECTOR: Stefan Strandberg (left) has become Ståle Solbakken’s head of defense.

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– When I yell and hit, it’s more for me to get a reaction. That something must change. We started the game very well. I think we went over them for the first 25-30 minutes. Then we go down a bit at the end of the first half. The second round is very chaotic, but at the same time we are very opposed, Strandberg tells VG at the post-match press conference.

– I was damn dissatisfied for a while in the second half. I think we laughed in midfield and won very few second balls. We have a lot of pressure behind us. They have good offensive players, there is no bad team that we meet. “We have to drive in stints, so it’s my job to say it wasn’t good enough,” he told TV 2 after the game.

Lyngdølen was a bauta on defense, blocking one post after another. The 31-year-old was rewarded with a seven on the VG stock exchange and at the press conference he answers in cash “yes” to the question whether he has assumed the role of head of defense for the Norwegian national team under Ståle Solbakken. . .

During a somewhat tough period in the first half, Norway delivered a clear and distinct message to Mats Møller Dæhli when he lost the ball unnecessarily high on the field.

GOAL: Stefan Strandberg cheers with his colleague Andreas Hanche-Olsen after the former served Mohamed Elyounoussi before the first goal of the match.

When Norway made a double substitution just after the hour had been played, Strandberg was on the bench to argue with Ståle Solbakken.

– In these matches, there are two ways to defend yourself. I would like us to defend ourselves against both. One way is without the ball, that you are well organized and lie down in the correct positions and with the proper pressure on the ball carrier. We did it well. What we weren’t good at was when we won the ball. At least when you’re tired, don’t go for all the counterattacks, like we did, says Solbakken at the press conference.

– I was a bit worried about the positional game, and I was worried that we would have to use the ball and make some longer attacks, to get the air out of the game a bit and defend ourselves with the ball. And then take advantage of transition opportunities where it is possible to score. The audience pushes those transitions forward too, and then we do it and we get tired. Then it will be more difficult the next time you do it, says the director of the national team.

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Both Strandberg and Solbakken are clear that they left Montenegro with very few opportunities.

– They have a chance throughout the game, if we want to be nice. We clean well and we are very well organized. There are two things that should always be at the bottom, the heart and the organization. We didn’t get the good offensive game we’ve had in the previous three international games. Today has been longer on the inside, but some games are like that. Guys should take full credit for how they withstood the distance, says Solbakken.

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