Wednesday, October 20

Now the British management of the crown is being slaughtered.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government have been criticized for handling the initial phase of the crown pandemic.

Belief in herd immunity and trial and error at the start of the pandemic – led to one of the worst mistakes in British public health in history, according to a recent report.

The report is based on several months of parliamentary hearings. It is done by two control committees in the House of Commons. The work is directed by two former ministers of the Conservatives.

The committee believes that both ministers and investigators had a “fatalistic” approach when the corona wave hit last year. They spent too much time shutting down the partnership. As a result, the pandemic claimed many lives in Britain compared to other countries.

The front page of the tabloid Evening Standard newspaper on March 6, 2020. In a new report, the British government receives strong criticism for dealing with the virus outbreak at the start of the pandemic.

So far, the country has recorded nearly 138,000 crown-related deaths. Many Britons have wondered why the country was so affected.

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– Cost of life

Several of the government’s top advisers wanted a gradual approach to measures such as social distancing, isolation rules and closures.

It was an approach that turned out to be wrong, the committee claims. It costs lives.

“Decisions regarding closures and social distancing in the first weeks of the pandemic, and the advice that led to them, are one of the most important mistakes in public health in Britain,” they write.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government comes under fire in a review of the crown’s management. The picture is from the House of Commons last month, where Johnson speaks regularly in the stuffy and crowded room, without a face mask, like many other elected officials.

Those who led the effort are also accused of groupthink. It involves a great deal. Therefore, the capacity for flexibility and critical thinking is lost.

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Focus on the flu

In the harsh review, the committee states the following:

  • The government’s plans to deal with the pandemic focused too much on the flu.
  • The government also did not use knowledge of previous virus outbreaks, such as sars, mers, and Ebola.

The report is 151 pages long and is titled “The Coronavirus: The Lessons We Have Learned So Far.” It was presented on Tuesday.

Although the UK was one of the first countries to develop a covid-19 test in January 2020, the leadership was wasted. Therefore, the consequences were great, he writes The Guardian. They refer to the report.

This is what the committee writes in the report:

“That a country that is at the top of the world in terms of experience in data analysis will be involved in the worst health crisis in 100 years with practically no data to analyze.” It is such a setback that it is almost impossible to imagine it.

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