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– Ståle follows him very, very closely.

DRAMMEN (VG) He was in the heat of the Norwegian national team even before he obtained the Norwegian passport and citizenship. It helped Noah Holm (20) to have even more confidence in the nation’s choice, which guarantees that it will also apply to the A national team.

LOW FIVE: Noah Jean Holm along with Vålerengas Osame Sahraoui (number 10) and Rosenborg friend Emil Konradsen Ceïde against Austria in September.

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In what the U21 power forward describes as his hometown, Drammen, he can play his 44th age-specific international game for Norway at the VG + Sport transmission Qualifying for the European Championship against Estonia on Tuesday night.

Noah Holm has probably answered so many times why he chose Norway at the expense of Denmark. Both parents are Danish, and his father and former elite series profile David Nielsen played 47 U-national matches and scored a whopping 33 goals for Denmark.

But junior has always felt more Norwegian, and he’s also a 2001 model. The vintage was the first cohort to have been around the whole NFF “national team school” concept. The Rosenborg striker, who grew up in Bergen and Drammen, has been wearing red, white and blue since he was twelve. Although by definition he was not Norwegian at the time.

– Of course I had something to say for the election. I remember all the collections that I was with without a passport. For the first selection of a national team for a tournament in Italy, we tried to get an emergency pass. I didn’t get it, even though we tried our best. But I was at the next meeting, Noah Jean Holm remembers.

– Does your choice mean that it also applies at the national team level?

– It does, the way things look now. I have made a decision, I identify with it and I am very happy for it. I feel like the NFF is betting a lot on me, says Holm, who admits he took a new “round” with himself before making the move to the U21 team in 2020.


18.00: Norway – Estonia, qualification for the U21 European Championship – transmission begins 17.30 with experts Kjetil Rekdal and Joacim Jonsson in the studio directly from Marienlyst

The talent director of the Danish Football Association (DBU) described him as “unfortunate” in 2018When Noah Holm played in one of his two U championships with Norway, that neighboring country had kidnapped the son of current AGF coach Aarhus.

– Much thought was given to the crown. Norway is suitable for me as a player, a choice I made on my own, and I have had so many years in Norway. I have almost all my friends here, the player maintains.

– But does the path to play as a striker in Norway’s A team now seem perhaps longer than that of Denmark?

– In Denmark they play with one, Norway play with two. That is not what I am thinking now. Denmark also has a lot of young players showing up. I just followed my heart and decided on Norway now.

– Denmark is now one of the best national teams in the world. Norway may have something exciting. Has it had any impact on your decision to be the best in maybe five-six-seven years?

– Of course. Like I said: there are so many exciting young Norwegian players, including some superstars who have made it. Norwegian football is booming and I want to be a part of that, says Noah Holm.

THE APPLE AND THE STEM: Noah Holm in a Manchester United uniform with then-Brann player David Nielsen in 2009.

Under-21 coach Leif Gunnar Smerud is confident that Noah Jean Holm will remain Norwegian in his senior year as well.

– He himself says he wants to play for Norway and is a good player we bet on. I’m sure Ståle follows him very, very closely with regard to team A, says Smerud, not wanting to answer how the dialogue went with the manager of the national team A around the U21 trio Holm, Erik Botheim and Jørgen Strand Larsen . when Solbakken’s three regular forwards registered for matches against Turkey and Montenegro.

Dad David Nielsen emphasizes that it is Noah, and only he, who has made the decision about the national team.

– I didn’t want to influence him one way or another. It was so easy. He is a promising boy who makes his own decisions. My most important job as a parent is to make sure my kids make their own decisions and navigate life themselves. Noah does it in a very good way, Nielsen tells VG.

The son says that it was the father who maintained the dialogue with Denmark. Nielsen does not answer directly whether the Danish association has approached again recently considering that Hom was “promoted” to the under-21s last year and, in theory, he can still choose Denmark’s A team.

– I think that all associations check which players may be available. I have a good relationship with DBU that I want to take the best care of, but it’s always depended on Noah, and that’s what it’s all about, says Nielsen.

P.S! Kristoffer Askildsen has left the U21 camp due to illness and is out of action for Tuesday’s home game against Estonia. RBK winger Emil Konradsen Ceïde scored a beautiful goal as a substitute against Croatia and may be rewarded with a starting spot on Tuesday night.

The European Under-21 Championship will be played in Romania and Georgia in 2023. Norway have won two matches and lost one and are before the match against Estonia in third place in the group with as many points as Croatia in second place. Austria leads the group with nine points, but also has one more game played than Norway and Croatia (who have six points each). Estonia has played four games, lost them all and is at the bottom of the group.


Start of the match 18.00: Norway – Estonia, qualification for the U21 European Championship – transmission begins 17.30 with experts Kjetil Rekdal and Joacim Jonsson in the studio directly from Marienlyst

VG + Sport will also broadcast the next qualifying round for the European Championship when Norway take on Finland (home on November 12) and Azerbaijan (away on November 16). See everything that is airing on VG + Sport in the future here!

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