Wednesday, October 20

Five people were killed and two injured in Kongsberg, police say.

Police still believe that the man carried out the killings alone and are not unaware of the fact that it was an act of terrorism. One of the injured is a policeman.

Police are not looking for more perpetrators after five people died in Kongsberg on Wednesday night.

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Overnight to Thursday, the police confirmed that the defendant is a 37-year-old Danish national living in Kongsberg. Aftenposten knows that the perpetrator has converted to Islam.

Øyvind Aas, regional manager for Buskerud in the southeastern police district, says that depending on the course of events, it is natural to assess whether it is a terrorist act.

There are five dead and two wounded. One of the injured is a policeman. He stayed at the store where the incident occurred in his spare time, Aas told a news conference at 11:15 p.m.

The injured are treated in the intensive care unit. He says he does not want to enter the age and sex of the five murdered. The police have now notified the families of the dead. – At least that I know of, Aas said.

Warning shots fired

At 18.13, the police received several reports that a person was walking with a weapon, an arrow and a bow. He was arrested at 6:47 p.m., just over half an hour later.

He says it took some time before the man was arrested and the first patrol arrived at the scene. Police fired warning shots before the perpetrator was arrested.

That says something about the seriousness of the situation, Aas said.

Police had a confrontation with the man, but did not arrest him until later. It was a period when the police lost control of the man.

Police will not provide further details on the perpetrator and the arrest at this time. – It will be natural to search your house tonight, says Aas.

The man has moved over a large area and shot people in various locations. The area is characterized by shops and houses.

Aas says the man has been led to arrest in Drammen.

Aas repeated that the man used a bow and arrow to perform some of the actions. When asked if various types of weapons may have been used, he says the police should come back to this when they have the full picture of the investigation.

The injured have been taken to Kongsberg Hospital for treatment, Drammen Hospital is on hold.

– We work to get traces in these places where criminal acts have occurred, in order to obtain as much information as possible about what happened, says Aas.

One of the crime scenes was a Coop store.

Aas added that murders and violent incidents characterize Kongsberg and those who live there.

– The deaths are related to the area in which it happened. It’s natural, Aas said.

– I cannot answer if there is a relationship between the aggressor and the victims. We are engaging with victims and will investigate whether a relationship exists, he also said.

An arrow on the wall remains after the perpetrator’s attack with a bow and arrow.
The police continue the investigation in various places in the city.
Police walk the dark streets of Kongsberg until Thursday night.
Much of downtown Kongsberg is blocked by police on Wednesday night.

The municipality has put crisis personnel

The municipality has established crisis staff and is closely monitoring the situation, says Mayor Kari Anne Sand.

– It is a tragedy for all those affected. I have no words, says sand VG.

The crisis team is on the move and is trying to help as needs arise, Sand reports to the newspaper.

– We try to solve the situation and take care of those affected in different ways.

Large pieces evacuated and blocked

According to Laagendalsposten var the entire west side of the city was evacuated. The entire area around the old prison and Nytorget in the center of Kongsberg was cordoned off.

Laagendalsposten also writes that a witness saw the perpetrator running in Hyttegata with the police behind him and that he must have been shot. The witness also saw an injured woman at the intersection and calling for help. Several are described as seriously injured.

– We are in close dialogue with the ordinary police, says the main adviser of the PST, Martin Bernsen.

Bernsen tells Aftenposten that he cannot say anything more about why the PST is involved.

– We help with national assistance resources such as police helicopters, bomb squads and teams from the Emergency Response Troop, says press officer Unni Grøndal in the Oslo police district for NRK.

The police want clues on phone 47696400 in relation to this case.

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