Wednesday, October 20

We know this about the new governance platform.

Strengthening the supply for mental health, eliminating four requirements in math and strengthening temporary employment are some of the things that the Labor Party and the Labor Party will focus on in their new governing platform.

Center Party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum shortly after his parliamentary group approved the new governance platform.

On Wednesday morning, the new governing platform was approved by the parliamentary groups of the Labor Party and the Center Party. At 2:00 pm, he will present in full at a press conference at the Hurdalsjøen Hotel.

The declaration will be known as the Hurdal platform. According to Støre, it is about 70 pages long.

But there have already been several leaks. We currently know this about the new governance platform:

Jonas Gahr Støre arrives at the Hurdalsjøen Hotel on Wednesday, a few hours before the new government platform is unveiled. There is no doubt that he will become prime minister. But we still don’t know everything about what policy he will follow.

Reopens the school in Nesna

On Tuesday, Aftenposten was able to reveal that the Støre government is restoring the controversial university of Nesna. The supply of university colleges in Nesna, which has 1,800 inhabitants, was closed by the Nord University board in 2019.

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ABE reform

As previously announced, the government will also repeal the De-bureaucratization and Efficiency (ABE) reform. It was introduced by the Erna Solberg government and, in short, it’s about all parts of the public sector having to cut back a little every year. Specifically 0.5 percent.

Pension from the first crown

The Støre government introduces a pension from the first crown. Today, income of more than 1G (106,399 crowns), at least 20 percent of the position, and an age limit of 20 are required to earn a pension.

Duplication of union deduction

The incoming government will also double the union deduction to NOK 7,700. This amount can be deducted from income on the tax return before paying the tax.

Other leaks:

  • According to NRK The requirement that students have at least a grade of four in mathematics in order to enter teacher education should be removed. In addition, the parties will attempt to recruit teachers who have left the profession by developing a separate program for this.
  • VG writes that there will be half price for free ferry and ferry tickets on routes of less than 100,000 passengers.
  • The Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party also agree to close the farmers’ income gap. In another point of the platform it is promised according to Nations an escalation plan for the production of safe food with Norwegian resources, with the goal of a self-sufficiency degree of 50%.
  • The parties also agree on an escalation plan that strengthen mental health services both in municipalities and in hospitals, but with special emphasis on child and adolescent psychiatry.
  • The Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party will also provide full VAT compensation to volunteers. That means more money for more than 20,000 Norwegian organizations.
  • According to Free trade union movement The opportunity to contract temporarily will be shortened. Employers will also need to document the need for a part-time rather than full-time position.
  • VG writes that state agencies can no longer use public relations agencies, and that the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party will reduce purchases of consulting services by state-owned companies. In addition to information and attitude campaigns, such services will not be used as a rule.
  • The parties also warn of a more active state in business policy and stricter climate and quality requirements in public tenders and purchases.
  • The au pair plan is about to fall apart.

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Who will be ministers?

With the government platform in place, everything is set for the change of government to go as planned on Thursday. Then, the new government of Støre will go out to the palace square, and there will be deliveries of keys laden with symbols in the different ministries. In recent days, the media has been full of speculation about who will get the various ministerial posts, and several of the speculations have been proven incorrect.

Aftenposten has already received confirmation of who will occupy the most ministerial posts – make fun of the prime minister posts in this case.

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