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The egg was worried by the noise of the jumps: – Clean!

He is a former ski jumper and was not always A4 in the way he communicated: now Nils Arne Eggen (80) supports Clas Brede Bråthen (52) before the ski jump leader does in a discussion meeting with Norwegian Ski management. Association this afternoon.

JUMPING FRIEND: Nils Arne Eggen, here since November 2020, loves the sport of jumping and gives Clas Brede Bråthen a pat on the back.

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– I think what is happening is very sad, Eggen begins.

He led Moss to league gold in 1987 and has eternal hero status as a coach at Rosenborg. But Nils Arne Eggen also knows a little about skiing:

In his youth, he was among the best junior jumpers in the country, before deciding on soccer and school at the age of 19.

The 80-year-old now talks about the drama taking place at the top of Hopp-Norge: Ski President Erik Røste and General Secretary Ingvild Bretten Berg want to get rid of jump director Clas Brede Bråthen, accused of having and unacceptable behavior. Bråthen replied to sue the ski association.

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– I’m partying with the mares and they want to stay with Clas Brede Bråthen. Per Bergerud, who seems to be a stable guy, also decided to retire from the jumping committee because of this case. When everyone around the performers agrees to keep Clas Brede, then there will be no question, Eggen tells VG.

He emphasizes that he does not know the case beyond what is written in the media. And he doesn’t know Clas Brede Bråthen very well personally. But he supports the 52-year-old man.

CONTROVERSIAL: Bråthen (pictured) has athletes, coaches and sponsors behind him. But the management of the ski association does not want to extend his contract, when it expires in April 2022.

Nils Arne Eggen is a member of the Hoppsportens Venner and has a basic love for the sport that he played when he was young.

– Clas Brede seems like a very “døkti ‘” guy as we say in Orkdal. I think it’s very strange that they can’t figure it out. They have to. I can’t understand how hard it must be.

– Do you think the ski association should clean up?

The egg laughs a bit before answering:

– Absolutely correct! Clean up! says the 80-year-old.

According to an internal memo from the Kluge law firm, which VG has read, communications manager Espen Graff claims Bråthen should have called General Secretary Ingvild Bretten Berg for “a pussy” in a phone conversation between the two.

Bråthen denies this, but opens that he may have characterized the ski board as “incompetent idiots”. He is also accused of having spoken harshly to various other players in the sport of jumping.

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Nils Arne Eggen was known for using big words on the soccer field as a successful coach in Rosenborg. Trøndelag was not A4 in his way of communicating.

– Do you think it is a challenge here, when people come out of the “box” and communicate differently?

– That is obviously. You have to create an environment where people can tolerate it. Because the environment is more efficient. You can’t postpone what happens on Friday until Monday, you know. Because the game is on Sunday! You have to take it right there. So it’s clear that there may be some sloppy statements. I have apologized many times, I do, Eggen smiles.

– But is there no limit to what the ski association should find itself, if it is a recurring problem?

– Yes, and I don’t know the case. That is why I speak as a jumping enthusiast. I trust the athletes, but not less the coaching staff and Alexander Stöckl. And now the news has come that Bergerud is also retiring in protest, a man I have experienced as very solid and well thought out, says Eggen.

SKI TOPS: General Secretary Ingvild Bretten Berg and Erik Røste.

The egg closely follows the sport of jumping. And when Daniel André Tande fell ill in Planica and ended up in an artificial coma, the 80-year-old, like so many others, became concerned.

The fact that Clas Brede Bråthen had reported, on his own Facebook page, that Tande had woken up from a coma and that the prognoses were good, provoked internal reactions in the Norwegian Ski Federation. That work should have been done through service, key people in the union said.

The episode is said to have been mentioned as an example of Bråthen’s inability to cooperate, even if it is no it is part of the complex of cases in the conflict that is now ongoing, according to internal documents that VG has read.

– I was very happy with the messages that came from Clas Brede about Tande, because people wondered how it went. And then he fell silent the what’s more!? Somehow it should be a sequence about who should be talking … Have you heard any such nonsense? It must come from someone who knows something and has something to say, thinks Nils Arne Eggen.

At the same time that Clas Brede Bråthen meets with the Norwegian Ski Association for a discussion meeting on Thursday afternoon, which may end in dismissal or dismissal, Eggen hopes for a peaceful solution.

The coaches icon is concerned about Norwegian jumping:

– Now we have to solve it, encourages Eggen.

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