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– They seem to have prevented a dangerous attack.

Witnesses heard screams and several shots at the scene. So far, there is no information to indicate that the knife incident in Oslo was terrorism, police say.


Police ended in a dramatic standoff in Bislett on Tuesday morning.

Briefly summarized:

• A man was shot and killed by the police.
• Police were notified of a person threatening with a knife shortly before 9. Witnesses heard screams and several shots at the scene.
• A police officer is injured in the incident, but not seriously.
• So far there is no information to indicate that the knife incident in Oslo was terrorism, police say.

– There is no information indicating that it is a terrorist incident. But we can’t rule out anything, says police inspector Egil Jørgen Brekke at a press conference on Tuesday at 12 noon.

Police were notified of the incident at 08:57 at Therese’s door. The message was that a woman was threatened by a man with a knife. Police were quickly on the scene, according to Brekke.

– It only took a few minutes since the message arrived, until the situation was clarified, says Brekke to Aftenposten.

In an attempt to arrest the perpetrator, a police officer was injured.

– There is a knife wound and another wound, but he is not seriously injured, Brekke tells Aftenposten.

Confirm that the police know the perpetrator.

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The alleged knife-wielding man was sentenced to mandatory mental health care in December.

You have prevented a dangerous attack.

The death of the perpetrator has now been confirmed as a result of the damage inflicted by the police. So far, it appears that a police officer fired the shots.

– They seem to have prevented a dangerous attack, says Brekke of the police officers who intervened at Therese’s door.

Brekke adds that the police know the identity of the alleged perpetrator, but that this is not something they want to date. The perpetrator’s relatives have not been notified, Brekke says.

Police tried to scare away the alleged perpetrator

The leader of the Oslo police task force, Torgeir Brenden, claims that the patrol tried to run over the person while the alleged perpetrator was stabbing a person. Later, the police were attacked by this person with a knife, says task leader Brenden.

He says there is more than one civilian who has been attacked by the man besides a police officer.

– We are working to have an overview of how many there are, he says.

Police covered the police car which appears to have collision damage. Right behind the car, the police have set up a tent and it is marked with what appears to be a bullet sleeve.
A police car crashed into the wall in Bislett. It happened in connection with a confrontation in which shots were fired.

You don’t know how many shots were fired.

– There is no doubt that this was a serious and continuous act of violence and that they did everything possible to avoid injuries, says the chief of task about the police.

It says there is no indication that the victims in the case were anything other than accidental victims.

– We still have an active search in the area to see if there may be more injuries, although nothing indicates that.

Much of the street was closed and the Aftenposten journalist could only see one ambulance at the scene. He left the scene shortly before noon. 10.

Simen Røsland saw the incident in Bislett

I heard screams and gunshots

Several witnesses relate the confrontation at Bislett in central Oslo.

– We saw a man with a big knife and the police ran him over. He threatened a woman and the police beat him twice, I think, before they shot themselves, Simen Røssland tells Aftenposten. He was one of the witnesses. The police also confirm that the perpetrator was beaten twice.

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Witnesses after the Bislett attack: – Police beat him several times

Several videos of the arrest are currently circulating. One shows that a police car ran over the alleged perpetrator along the tram track, after he stopped next to the police car and threatened him with a large knife.

Another video shows the alleged perpetrator being beaten again and pushed into a store building. The man breaks free and then quickly climbs onto the passenger side of the police car and attacks the officer in the passenger seat with the knife.

Police warn against spreading downloaded videos.

– We urge the media to gossip about the videos being published in consideration of witnesses and privacy considerations, writes press manager Unni T. Grøndal of the Oslo police in an email to NTB.

Multiple patrols at Therese’s gate at Bislett in Oslo

Temporary weaponry

The Police Directorate is ordering temporary police weapons throughout the country after the incident.

– The role of the Police Directorate is to evaluate and implement measures that ensure good preparation and management throughout the country. All police districts in the country have been notified of the situation and are temporarily armed to increase police preparedness and response capacity, says Police Director Benedicte Bjørnland in a Press release.

At Ullevål Hospital, several police patrols, including armed police, have also been observed.

A police patrol was nearby when the incident occurred.

– Based on the fact that he actively tried to attack people at the scene, we can imagine that he would have continued if the police had not been at the scene, says task leader Torgeir Brenden.

Two eyewitnesses have heard a woman scream. One of the witnesses saw a man come running with a naked torso. He was carrying what is described as “a large knife”. A witness also tells NRK that the man was barefoot.

A large police rally on the streets of Bislett on Tuesday morning.

One of Online newspaper journalists claim to have witnessed the incident. The journalist describes a dramatic sequence of events when the police tried to gain control of a man who ran after a woman with a knife in his hand.

According to Nettavisen, the police shot the man.

The special unit has been notified

The special unit has been notified that the police shot a person at Bislett in Oslo.

– The special unit has initiated a mandatory investigation although there is no reason to suspect that a criminal act has occurred, they write in their websites.

Justice Minister Emilie Enger Mehl has been informed of the incident, NTB reports.

– We have again experienced a serious incident in a public place. This was a terrifying experience for the local community that also had a tragic outcome for the perpetrator. I follow the situation closely, says Mehl.

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