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– He had not been allowed to play the World Cup

The Corona alarm has been in the Norwegian Handball Association for a long time before the Women’s World Cup. A total of 11 players and coaches, plus the handball president, were infected in October. A new outbreak could ruin the championship in December.

THE INFECTION MATCHES: Thorir Hergeirsson led Norway in the Slovenian matches where 11 players and leaders received the crown.

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– If this had been in the championship or just before, they would not have allowed us to play the World Cup. It’s that simple, Thorir Hergeirsson tells VG.

– It was a real explosion, describes the director of the national team.

Now his team is doing everything they can to prevent a repeat. On December 3, the handball girls open the World Cup against Kazakhstan in the Spanish Castellón, not far from Valencia. according to Spain newspaper There have been 393 cases of contagion in the province of Valencia from Friday to Monday.

– It was a reminder that the crown is as far away as possible. The infection has only increased since then. It’s even more relevant now than it was a month ago, Hergeirsson says of the national team’s own outburst.

Bærum problem

After an Olympics without an audience, the handball girls played Slovenia for 1,526 spectators at Nadderud Arena on October 7. Hergeirsson believes that the cause of the outbreak was an infection in the Bærum sports hall, which also affected President Kåre Geir Lio.

– We had strict rules, but the routines were perhaps the worst in the match arena. The infection probably got in there. We believe that, but we don’t know for sure, says Hergeirsson, who believes in the players and leaders of the national team on the journey to the first leg in Ljubljana three days later.

Now, the national team’s health team has made detailed plans for each player towards the start of the World Cup meeting in Bergen in the last week of November. The team will have its own testing regimen and create its own bubble during the Intersport Cup.

It will continue during the World Cup in Spain. There will be separate routines on how people will enter and exit the bubble during the championship, which will last from December 3-19.

– We will have measures almost as strict as in the Olympic Games and the European Championships. It will be much closer to that than is usual in Norway today, warns Hergeirsson.

Black cards

He expressed in the selection of the World Cup some frustration because the International Handball Federation has not yet developed a crown protocol for the World Cup. NTB asked if Hergeirsson should not have been in his place.

– To answer briefly: yes, it came in cash from the director of the national team.

Last year he experienced that both Veronica Kristiansen and Silje Solberg had a crown until the European Championship. Even now, World Cup winner Maren Aardahl has had a harsh experience with covid disease.

– We have handled COVID quite well. I think we did particularly well when the European Championship moved from Norway to Denmark last year. We were locked up for three weeks and I was impressed with how we handled it, says Camilla Herrem.

It is prepared for there to be new weeks in the “crown prison” during the next championship, which ends with the final of the Granollers World Cup on December 19.

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