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He will oust the chairman of the board after the loan of Aylar Lie – E24

The bank’s board of directors calls a general meeting and will remove the chairman of the board, Espen Aubert. It happens after it became known that he gave Aylar Lie a private loan without informing the entire Mybank board. Finanstilsynet is investigating the case.

WILL LAUNCH: Mybank’s board has called an extraordinary general meeting to oust the chairman of the board, Espen Aubert, who provided a private loan to Aylar Lie.


The case is being updated!

It appears in a notice from the MyBank board. The general meeting will take place on November 19.

The notice states that the board will replace current board chairman, Espen Aubert. The board proposes that Linn Hoel Ringvoll become the new chairman of the board.

The replacement of lawyer Thomas Eggen Monsen de Ro Sommernes has also been proposed. He does not want to comment on the case. Ringvoll either.

At the same time that Mybank convenes a general meeting, Finanstilsynet claims that they are investigating the matter in question. The Authority has “beyond that there are no comments at this time.”

E24 wrote on Wednesday how the Mybank board approved an “abnormally large” loan to Aylar Lie. The chairman of the bank’s board then financed the purchase of his property in Tjuvholmen with a private loan. However, this happened without first informing the bank.

Private financing

Mybank offers start-up loans to people with financial problems. It was this that gave Aylar Lie financing to buy an apartment for NOK 34 million at Tjuvholmen in Oslo this year.

To secure the luxury apartment, Lie then received private financing from investor Espen Aubert, who is chairman of the board and shareholder of Mybank.

The president’s funding was unknown to Mybank’s management, until DN discussed Lies’ purchase of the apartment on October 20 of this year.

This was confirmed by Mybank CEO Håkon Reistad Fure at E24 on Wednesday.

– This is a special case, Fure told E24 then.

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– The whole board should have received information.

The private financing, which Aubert has informed E24 was granted after the bank’s loan to Lie was approved, was also not known to the entire bank board.

– Another member of the board was familiar with the private loan, both mortgage and disbursed. In hindsight, the entire board should have received the information before the mortgage was settled, Aubert wrote to E24 in an email Wednesday.

Aubert’s private loan to Lie was made through his real estate company Daimyo Eiendom. The company is trading on a NOK 15 million mortgage on the apartment.

The apartment was sold again at a solid profit for Lie, according to information from E24. Lie is today a poker player and previously worked as a glamor model and participated in reality shows.

Today’s business announced the general meeting first.

Aubert has not yet responded to E24’s inquiry about the case.

Meet in private

Aubert and Lie know each other in private. Photos on social media show that Lie attended Aubert’s wedding on Lake Como in Italy in 2017.

– It is no secret that she is a friend of my wife, Aubert writes to E24.

In any event, Aubert believes he was competent when the Mybank board approved the loan.

– I understand fairness questions can be asked, but I was fair in my role in the credit process. However, the situation with the private intermediate financing appeared later, when his principal fell behind in paying the apartment deal, Aubert wrote to E24 earlier this week.

Lie declined to comment on the purchase of the apartment when contacted by E24 earlier this week, other than that she bought the apartment “only as a good investment.”

Ringvoll is currently a member of the bank’s board.

In addition, Trond Bentestuen and Madiha Ghazanfar are proposed as new members of the board. Bentestuen has previously been Rema’s manager in Norway, while Ghazanfar is an IT manager at Mybank.

This is what the new board will look like if the shareholders vote in favor of the proposal:

  • Chairman of the Board Linn Hoel Ringvoll
  • MP Jesper Mårtensson
  • Board Member Lise Tangen Hansen
  • Board member Trond Bentestuen
  • Board member Madiha Ghazanfar

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