Sunday, November 28

Demonstration of power by Johaug – stone trouble for Weng

BEITOSTØLEN (VG) Therese Johaug (33) won the season opener as easily as expected. Heidi Weng (30) followed closely, who was given an unusual challenge.

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– I feel good, but I might hope that the form comes a little more next weekend, Johaug says to VG.

Thus, it was never exciting in the battle for first place, while Heidi Weng was long towed into a safe second place.

Towards the end of the race, however, it was a little too tough for Weng, who finished 43.9 seconds behind superior Therese Johaug.

– The distance is probably about the same as it used to be here, but I know many will be in better shape next weekend, Johaug says.

– She completely smashes the rest again. She almost does another sport. This is a scare shot to the entire ski world, commented NRK commentator Jann Post.

SUPERB: Therese Johaug cheered after a superior victory in the 10-kilometer during the national opening.

Heidi Weng reveals that she did not have a smooth path to the finish. She got a rock that got stuck under the ski.

– It did not take long to get it away, but I have to laugh a little too. It is typical that it is me, says Weng to VG.

Friday’s sprint race at Beitostølen was canceled due to strong winds. It was also mild weather that caused a lot of snow to melt. In the afternoon there was work to pick stones out of the trails.

– Lovely to finish the first race. Hard and brutal, says Heidi Weng about second place.

HANG: Heidi Weng hung on Therese Johaug – and eventually also on the poles.

A little further back, however, it was exciting in the battle for third place.

Silje Theodorsen (27) from Tromsø is a relatively undescribed magazine at senior level, but took third place with three seconds on Anni Kjersti Kalvå.

– It’s very fun. I have worked a lot for this, says Theodorsen to VG.

She has impressed in long distance running before, but this season she has stood out 10 kilometers classic as a distance she dreams of going to the Olympics in Beijing, and on

– This is something the best we have seen of Silje Theodorsen, says NRK commentator Jann Post.

– She is starting to sign up for the World Cup discussion, Torgeir Bjørn thinks.

– I definitely want to sign up for the match there, says Theodorsen.

IMPRESSED: Silje Theodorsen surprised and went into third place.

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