Thursday, December 9

DIRECT – Yellow vests: Several hundred demonstrators in Paris

Almost three years after their first mobilization, the yellow vests are back this Saturday, November 20. Events are organized in particular in Paris and in several other large cities. Follow the evolution of the situation live.


Three candles on a “season 3” sign to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the movement, several hundred “yellow vests” demonstrated Saturday afternoon in Paris, between Bercy and Alésia. The “taxes”, the small pensions, “the politicians (who) do not know the problems of the French”: the traditional themes of the “yellow vests” which “do not let go” were always present, mingling with others more current against the health pass.

A sign denounced “a country on the verge of overdose”. Emblematic figure of “yellow vests”, Jérôme Rodrigues was present at the rally.


As the protest progresses in Paris, tensions have erupted in the Gare d’Austerlitz district in the 13th arrondissement.


Two people present at the Parisian rally of “yellow vests” were arrested on Saturday because of an offensive tag on a van featuring Emmanuel Macron, the prefect of police and US President Joe Biden, we learned from The police headquarters.

“It is the owner of the vehicle and the driver,” said the PP. The prefect of police Didier Lallement decided to file a complaint, she added. The two people were taken into custody.

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