Sunday, November 28

Do you feel the climate roar on your body? Pop by the climate anxiety at Vinderen, then!

Do you feel the climate roar on your body? Have you developed angora agents phobia or social fur anxiety? Pop by the climate anxiety at Vinderen, then! This is on the agenda:

1. Conversation in plenary

Are you struggling with dark thoughts about what will happen to the country house #hvassestehvasser if the sea rises? Are you afraid of getting salt water in the freshwater pool or stingrays in the lobster basin? In that case, you are not alone!

We also consider everyday disorders such as angora phobia (problems with wearing angora wool sweaters on the open street) or social fur anxiety (sweating when wearing fur in higher social strata). It is important to remind yourself that it is not YOU who has placed the angora rabbits in such small cages that they do not open their ears. Or YOUR fault that you got thrown on a beach plot when the family inheritance was to be disadvantaged.

2. Anxiety control measures

We start by breathing in “square”, or in Burberry squares, as we choose to call it up here. Here’s how: Inhale while following the black stripe, exhale along the red one. Repeat.

If this does not help, because you can not imagine the pattern, but instead start breathing in star shape (Lexington) or in Missoni design (very common) and panic and start hyperventilating, we switch to bags. That is, “to breathe in a bag”. Preferably Prada bags (“best in test” for recycling own CO2). Here it is important to get the body to calm down quickly, disappear into the meditative state of Christmas shopping and tissue paper.

NB! Avoid the Cubus network #favelabags. They only create stress.

3. Exposure therapy

“Face your fear.” Here it is more up to the individual. Mille’s mother, for example, sits down every Tuesday in her BMW-X6 # trophy wife’s souvenir and drives down Bogstadveien, where she, wearing a fur vest and blacklisted crocodile boots, eats a double kobe tartare with gold flakes for lunch #klimaversting.

“It was very uncomfortable the first few times, but now things are going better,” she says, who can also reveal that she has booked flights to the Maldives. To go on a coral cruise: “It was a long way in, but it was a great victory. I can not say I am looking forward, but I will at least complete. “

We applaud you, Mille <3's mom

Series creator Lene Hval is behind the comics about Nora Helmer, which you can read on Nora Helmer has too his own Facebook page.

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