Thursday, December 9

Foster families and children in care: proposals to improve daily life

Being able to go on vacation with his host family, have access to cultural outings … or an educator who allows himself feelings of “attachment”: in a report submitted this Saturday, November 20 to the government, more than one a thousand children in care suggest ways to improve their daily lives.

Most minors entrusted to Social Assistance for Children (ASE) “ask to be involved in decisions that affect them”, or “their opinion is not taken into account”, affirms the author of this report, Gautier Arnaud. -Melchiorre, a 26-year-old student, himself a former foster child.

After a tour of France of homes and host families and meetings with hundreds of children and adolescents who sometimes “showed him their room” or their “blanket”, he deduced that “these are the places of reception that must adapt to children ”and not the other way around.

“I have the right to be a child or a teenager like any other”

His report must be submitted on Saturday to the Secretary of State for Children, Adrien Taquet, in the presence of 240 children from the ASE. It is accompanied by a “charter of rights for protected children”, the first point of which proclaims: “I have the right to be a child or an adolescent like any other”.

Depending on the places of reception – and the departments, which finance them – the situations are very disparate, underlines the rapporteur. The “commitment” of many professionals is real, but too many minors suffer from “major dysfunctions”: sexual assault on the part of other minors, traumatic breaks in their career, prostitution.

The report, presented on the occasion of the International Day of the Rights of the Child, also recommends improving the training of professionals so that they know better how to talk about sexuality with adolescents, and allow them to live their life. sex life other than in “squats”.

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