Saturday, December 4

Marseille: a man in his twenties found dead from a bullet in the head

A man in his twenties was found dead from a bullet in the head on the night of Friday to Saturday, in the heart of Marseille, near the Belle de Mai district. Witnesses reportedly heard an argument just before the gunshot.

The Marseille firefighters, called to the scene around midnight, were unable to resuscitate the victim, who was declared dead on the spot shortly after.

Few elements were available on Saturday morning to understand the unfolding of the facts, but nothing in any case allowed to affirm that this event could be a settling of scores linked to drug trafficking.

This event “is not considered as an immediate settling of scores”, it was thus confirmed on the side of the investigators of the judicial police, seized of this file, because the weapon used is not a “heavy weapon And the victim was “little known” to the police.

“As it stands, no information is available on the mobile” of this homicide, told AFP Dominique Laurens, prosecutor of the Republic of Marseille.

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