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Moseby’s heavy road to the podium: – Extremely impressive

BEITOSTØLEN (VG) Håvard Moseby (22) is suddenly relevant for the last place in the World Cup opening after podium place on Saturday. His drive-up was rather hopeless.

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– It was a boring drive-up with a lot of alternative training. I spent the whole of August swimming and running in the water. It has been very tiring, but I have used the break as motivation, says Moseby, who had a fatigue break this summer, to VG.

He surprised with third place in the 15 kilometer classic at Beitostølen, only beaten by the cannons Hans Christer Holund and Emil Iversen.

– I’m a little shocked. I have to be honest and say that, Moseby told NRK right after the finish.

– Håvard is the next generation. He had a lot of trouble this summer. Then it’s very gratifying that he’s all up there now. He is a runner we will see a lot of in the future, says Holund, Saturday’s clearly strongest.

Holund and Iversen have been pre-selected for the World Cup opening in Ruka, Finland next weekend together with Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, Pål Golberg and Simen Hegstad Krüger.

Now suddenly Moseby is relevant to take the last place.

– Ruka suddenly becomes realistic. I hope this is the breakthrough in my senior career, says Moseby to VG.

– He is absolutely relevant, but we will fortunately be able to sleep on things, says national team coach Eirik Myhr Nossum to VG.

SURPRISE: Håvard Moseby.

It was difficult to imagine for the 22-year-old from the recruiting national team with the problematic run-up.

Moseby has not been allowed to train properly until recently after he suffered a fatigue fracture in his pelvis after a fall at Holmenkollen Ski Show.

– I had to change absolutely everything. I had to learn to swim, I could not crawl properly. I had a few weeks where I averaged 22 kilometers a week in the water, says Moseby.

Harald Østberg Amundsen got the breakthrough last season with World Cup bronze and national team place for this season. He knows Moseby well and is a little surprised by today’s result.

– It is extremely impressive what he achieves today. He is a real capacity runner, says Amundsen.

– It is a bit surprising that he delivers here considering that he could not train normally. I am very impressed with the job he has done, Amundsen continues.

He was ridiculed for Instagram photo before the start of the season:

Amundsen has inspired friend Moseby.

– It means a lot. I have trained a lot with Harald. When you see that you can be so good, you see that it can be possible, says Moseby.

The national team manager draws parallels between the bachelors.

– I am very impressed with Håvard. He has trained a lot with us in Oslo and done well. He’s a little there. Amundsen was last year. He settled in last winter, and Håvard can do the same, says Nossum.

Vebjørn Turveit was also a positive surprise with fifth place. For the more established gentlemen Sjur Røthe and Didrik Tønseth, it was a downturn. Røthe broke, while Tønseth was number nine, over a minute behind Holund.

– There is something about the body that does not work. I have to find out what. I’m a little confused. Of course I get a little worried, says Røthe to VG.

Heidi Weng got in trouble:

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