Saturday, December 4

Storm winds today and lightning slides tomorrow

In Norway, crisis personnel have been called in after storm winds felled trees and made several households without electricity.

The same storm winds are currently sweeping over Sweden – but according to SMHI, Swedes do not have to worry.

During Saturday morning, gale warnings prevailed in all Swedish sea areas except Kattegatt. This is due to a low pressure that has been over the country during Friday and Saturday. The same low pressure has hit southern Norway hard. There, the rescue service and police have been busy as fallen trees that blocked roads and power outages and problems with telephony have affected thousands of people.

– It is the same low pressure that we have that they have in Norway. But the winds will subside during the day, says Linnea Rehn, meteorologist on duty at SMHI.

According to her, the winds will calm down during the weekend and there is no indication that storms like those in Norway will reach Sweden.

Minus degrees far down in the south

The strong winds will subside over the weekend. However, it will instead be colder temperatures and the risk of sudden slipperiness on Sunday.

– Tomorrow there will be a sudden ice slide in eastern Götaland. This is because today there will be rainy weather that will remain and rain at the same time as it will be colder air, says Linnea Rehn.

– It can freeze and form ice slides and we have issued a yellow warning about it on Sunday, says Linnea Rehn.

At the beginning of the week it will be colder temperatures in the country and minus degrees are expected far down in the south during Monday and Tuesday.

Stock Photography from a windy day in Malmö.

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