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Advertiser Content: It feels good to contribute to the world

The environment of the future depends on the future generations. The business community’s support for sustainability can make a big difference, and at the same time create a good culture in the company.

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A BETTER FUTURE: Fortunately, it helps to help.

– We at NorDan have worked with sustainability since 1990, long before it came on the agenda. Therefore, it was also completely natural for us to enter into a collaboration with Save the Children when we wanted to contribute to global development, says marketing director at NorDan, Johannes Rasmussen.

CONTRIBUTES TO SAVING CHILDREN’S WORK: Director of NorDan Johannes Rasmussen.

Ever since 1990, the company has trained its young employees in the woodworking profession, since many have dropped out of school early. The education is paid, and takes place one day a week. The rest of the time, they build up practice in different departments.

– NorDan has always been conscious of supporting and giving back to the local community, both through schooling and through the Norwegian Cultural Fund, where we provide support to teams and associations. With the collaboration we have entered into with Save the Children, we take this way of thinking globally, says Rasmussen.

CLEAR CHALLENGES: It is easy to see how dramatic climate change is for children born after 2020.

Long-term work for education

NorDan supports Save the Children’s important project «Safe Back to School». This is a long-term work, which is ongoing in several countries. The goal is for as many children as possible to return to school after the pandemic with stable teaching and a safe environment. This is in line with sustainability goal number four, which involves ensuring inclusive, fair and good education as well as promoting opportunities for lifelong learning for all children.

– We get a lot of good feedback from the employees of NorDan for this collaboration and that we take an active social responsibility. Taking social responsibility is important and creates a good commitment in the company. We are all part of a larger whole. I myself have four children, and have followed them closely growing up. Everyone wants the best opportunities for their children. We in the business community must dare to commit to something that is important, Rasmussen continues.

Hitting children harder

Save the Children is working towards achieving more sustainability goals for the good of the children’s future, and has prepared a climate report. It shows that climate change will hit children much harder than older generations. It has serious consequences for children’s rights, and especially children who are already experiencing poverty, discrimination, migration, gender discrimination, social marginalization and disability.

– Save the Children was in Glasgow to influence world leaders by focusing on children being hit the hardest and most vulnerable to the ripple effects of climate change, says Siri Luthen, climate expert at Save the Children.

– We work to ensure that children have a voice during the climate negotiations by, for example, arranging various seminars. In Glasgow, a dialogue was arranged between children and decision-makers, she explains.


Fighting the children’s battle

According to Save the Children’s climate report, it is still possible to slow down the consequences of climate development.

– We at Save the Children support and encourage children’s climate fight, but it is impossible to achieve the goals and limit warming without cooperation from both the business community and politicians, says Siri Luthen.

Therefore, it is important that leaders, such as Johannes Rasmussen in NorDan, choose to participate and contribute to a solution.

– It feels good to be part of making the world better, and all small streams together become a big river. Everyone can do something, running a business is not just about profit. You also have a social responsibility when the profits allow it, he says.

Knowledge of climate

Save the Children develops school and teaching materials, which deal with information and competence about the climate challenges.

– We also collaborate with schools, so that they can offer education about climate and the environment. In Norway we have “The magic classroom” where we offer teaching about climate. This is a collaboration between the Environmental Agents and Save the Children, says Luthen.

– “The magic classroom” is about how climate change affects children in different countries, and what children do to stop and adapt to the negative consequences. They also gain knowledge about the UN’s sustainability goals, she says.

For the next three years, Save the Children’s priority will be to work with “Safe Back To School” – to get children back to school after the pandemic and ensure high-quality learning.

– In addition, we work with the protection of children from violence and abuse, as well as fighting poverty and increasing investments in children in the future, says Luthen.

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