Sunday, November 28

Dexter New Blood: the broadcast date on Canal + unveiled

Dexter, the notorious serial killer, is back soon. Canal + will launch the broadcast of the highly anticipated new season 9 entitled “New Blood” in December.

Unveiled since November 7 on the American channel Showtime, this unexpected sequel, created eight years after the end of the original series, consists of ten episodes.

Still embodied by Michael C. Hall, the brilliant scientist from the Miami Police Forensic Service has taken on a new identity and built a new life for himself.

“While posing as dead at sea during a hurricane, Dexter Morgan rebuilt his life in Iron Lake, a fictional small town in New York State. There he leads a peaceful life between his job and his girlfriend Angela Bishop, the town’s chief of police. He has neutralized his ‘Black Passenger’ for almost ten years. But the unexpected arrival of his 16-year-old son Harrison and his meeting with Kurt Caldwell, an important figure in the city, will shake his resolutions, ”announces Canal +.

Alongside Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan / Jim Lindsay), fans will find Jack Alcott (Harrison Morgan / Randall), Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan), Clancy Brown (Kurt Caldwell) and Julia Jones (Angela Bishop). Dexter New Blood will be broadcast on Canal + from Thursday, December 16, with two episodes per evening and available on MyCanal.

Note that the eight seasons of Dexter are visible on Canal + Séries and MyCanal, for a catch-up binge-watching, bloody, necessarily.

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