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Environment. Why does men’s food emit 40% more greenhouse gases than women’s?

The diet of men is less respectful of the environment than that of women. In any case, this is the conclusion of a study carried out in the United Kingdom and relayed by The Guardian : the diet of the male gente emit 40% more greenhouse gases than that of the female gente.

In question, the fact that a quarter of these emissions come from drinks or foods such as coffee, alcohol or meat, more consumed by men. The latter has long been considered one of the foods that emit the most greenhouse gases. A study recently called for a drastic reduction in its consumption in rich countries to fight against global warming, largely caused by methane and deforestation linked to livestock.

31% of emissions from meat

This new study, which analyzed emissions from 3,200 different foods and examined the diets of 212 Britons, finds that animal products are responsible for almost half of greenhouse gas emissions: 31% come from meat and 14% dairy products. Next come drinks (15%) and cakes, cookies and confectionery (8%). Researchers also argue that non-vegetarian diets create 59% more emissions than vegetarian diets.

Figuring out how to change our diet is one way to help the planet

Holly Rippin, researcher at the University of Leeds

“Figuring out how to change our diet is one way to help the planet,” Leeds University researcher Holly Rippin tells The Guardian. There are general concepts like reducing our consumption of meat, especially red meat. , but our work also shows that big gains can be made from small changes, like removing sweets. “

The study, however, failed to determine why men eat more animal products than women. But in France, the latest national individual study of food consumption (INCA) confirms this trend: more men consume cheese than women (84% against 77%) or cold meats (71% against 63%). And they are also more likely to consume alcohol (67% against 46%).

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