Sunday, November 28

Here the home sellers earned the most and the least. Some places stand out.

Six points that show where it is most and least to earn on home sales.

– Even in periods of price growth, there are more people selling at a lower level. It comes from ownership time and timing of the market, says chief economist Nejra Macic in the Forecast Center.

Have you sold a home in Oslo, Lørenskog or Nesodden in the last year? Then you probably made money.

What do you earn per year you own a home? The forecast center has taken out figures for real returns on home sales in the last 12 months. The overview shows who is left with losses and gains in the housing market. The calculation also takes into account costs for brokers and document fees for owner-occupied homes.

The figures are far more negative for Stavanger, Ålesund and Bergen. Even after prices began to rise, these are some of the cities that do not earn as much on housing, according to chief economist Nejra Macic in the Forecast Center.

See the overview of returns, high profits and loss share in different cities further down in the case.

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