Saturday, December 4

Homeless, he wins 500,000 euros thanks to a game of chance

The end of the galley sounded on Saturday, November 20 for this young homeless man living in Montpellier. Using chance, he bought a scratch game from one of the city’s tobacconists on Cours Gambetta and won the tidy sum of 500,000 euros.

Sabrina, who sold him the game, an X20 ticket, says the young man initially thought he had won 25 euros. “But he had won 100,000 euros five times”, she corrects to Free noon.

In shock, the lucky winner left the establishment as quickly as possible, taking his ticket with him. According to the saleswoman, “he was afraid of being stolen” the precious sesame, the promise of a sweeter life.

According to his family, this young man is in his twenties and lives in great precariousness. This Saturday, luck has finally turned since, according to the rules of the Française des Jeux, of the six million tickets published, only two are worth 500,000 euros.

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