Sunday, November 28

Insurance companies warn against booking trips abroad now

With increasing coronary heart disease in Europe, the insurance company Tryg is asking people to wait to book travel. They say that the trip may be canceled due to corona measures.

The insurance company Tryg warns against booking trips abroad now.

– The corona pandemic in Europe is getting worse by the day. Stay at home until the infection numbers go down, says communications manager Ole Irgens in Tryg.

– Those who take the chance to travel out of Norway now, may risk that the trip is canceled or severely restricted due to corona measures at the destination. We recommend that you do not plan trips abroad now, but wait until the pandemic is returning, he says.

The head of communications emphasizes that travel insurance does not cover costs in connection with national measures in connection with the pandemic, as, for example, Austria introduced on Monday this week.

– Only travel advice issued by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides a basis for cancellation coverage of the travel insurance, says Irgens.

The insurance company Gjensidige encourages people to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the situation where they are going, and what rules apply to tour operators and insurance companies. However, they will not dissuade people from traveling.

We as an insurance company follow the authorities’ advice when we tell our customers how they should behave in this situation, and do not advise Norwegians to travel as long as the authorities have not made such a decision, says communications director Øystein Thoresen in Gjensidige.

– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not advise against traveling, but making a conscious and planned choice before boarding the plane is smart anyway, says Thoresen.

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