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Jansrud’s uncertain future: – Looking at it as my last season

FROGNERPARKEN (VG) Kjetil Jansrud (36) enters his 18th season in the World Cup and has announced that the Beijing Olympics will be his last. Whether it is his last season as an alpinist, he is unsure.

UNSURE: Kjetil Jansrud is unsure if this is his last season as an alpinist.

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– It is at least the last Olympics, and I look at this as my last season, Jansrud says to VG just a stone’s throw away from his new million-dollar villa at Frogner in Oslo.

Vinstragutten has registered for as many as 23 World Cup winners, five Olympic medals and three World Cup medals. In other words, an absolutely fantastic career.

The speed phantom has won everything imaginable, at a time when he competed against legends such as Aksel Lund Svindal, Bode Miller, Didier Cuche and more.

The 36-year-old had a somewhat disappointing last year’s season with a third place finish in Val Gardena as the best result. Now he feels in better shape than in several years, and is ready to go out on what could be his last season.

– I am very comfortable that it can be my last season. It feels right both in terms of family and the achievements of last year. Now I hope it will be a completely different year this year then, says Jansrud and elaborates:

– But there is also the «clue». Because when we are on our way to the Olympics, then half the season has passed. If I have then ravaged and won a lot of races and notice that the passion and love of the sport is there, it is not certain that replacing it with something else is so tempting. So then just pray on your knees at home if it makes sense and right to take another season.

– What would be your dream ending?

– It would have been to win every single race, ie “herja”. Come to Kvitfjell and win both races there and said: thank you for me. Lead both the downhill and super-G Cup with over 100 points, so you do not even have to be there. You can just go down and get the crystal ball. But then I know I had stood there and refused to give up. Because as an athlete, you love it when things are going well. You are passionate about the green numbers and the experience of winning the World Cup race, Jansrud answers and continues:

– So I do not imagine then that I post. So there is really no perfect season for such a “put up” situation. But my plan is to be able to be competitive and win the World Cup race.

The speed cannon is still open for it to be the end of the alpine visa, no matter how well he performs.

– And it may well be that I feel during the season, considering how it goes now with a child who will be 1.5 years old that I surprise myself, that I have a very good season, but still put up. So there are some small details there that are not completely beaten in stone yet, says Jansrud.

When asked what his top three best experiences in his career are, he struggles to answer. The first World Cup winner in Kvitfjell, the Olympic gold in Sochi and the 2015 season are highlighted. Closing races in Åre where he shared the podium with Aksel Lund Svindal are also mentioned.

– There have been so many good experiences, so the top three is actually quite difficult. But it’s really a good thing, because it means that I have had many good experiences.

LIVERPOOL FAN: Kjetil Jansrud is an avid Liverpool supporter, but does not dare to promise that there will be a season ticket at Anfield when he joins as an alpinist.

Jansrud is also an avid Liverpool fan and has followed the team since he was little. But when his career is over, he does not dare to promise that there will be a season ticket at Anfield.

– I have a “terrible” desire to say yes, but then I know that there is a cohabitant at home should read this, so I can not say yes. But there are a lot of meetings around England when I go, says the alpinist with a big smile on his face and says that he is very happy with the club’s results in recent years.

– I get a little ungrateful, because you forget how unbearably awkward it was to be a Liverpool supporter five or six years ago, up to ten really. It was so many years of drought, quite simply.

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