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Kristoffersen unsure of important ski choice

The alpine profile Henrik Kristoffersen (27) is in the last winter of the agreement with the ski brand Rossignol. He does not know what kind of skis he will be on next season.

CRITICISM: Henrik Kristoffersen gave the ski brand Rossignol harsh feedback last winter.

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– It remains to be seen. As far as I know, there are some small clauses in the agreement that can be used. But it’s not something I think much about right now, says Kristoffersen to VG.

The 27-year-old from Rælingen was open last winter dissatisfaction with the ski brand Rossignol, which he has ridden for a number of years, after some races. And he is clear that he wants improvement this season.

– Until now in my career, I have signed an agreement one year before the current contact has expired. It’s no secret that I struggled with the “setup” last year, so then we will wait and see how it goes this year. We will see when the agreement expires, says Kristoffersen.

The Norwegian’s former rival Marcel Hirscher has launched his own ski brand – Van Deer. It is not relevant to try for Kristoffersen.

– According to his father, those skis were pretty bad in Sölden, so I do not know. It will hardly be anything, says Kristoffersen and laughs.

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Other Norwegian profiles such as Kjetil Jansrud drive on Head, while Aleksander Aamodt Kilde and Lucas Braathen swear by Atomic. The world champion in slalom, Sebastian Foss-Solevåg, uses Voekl.

Kristoffersen was number 14 during the giant slalom in the season opener in Sölden. On Sunday, parallel slalom awaits in Lech – hardly Kristoffersen’s favorite discipline.

The big highlight next to the World Cup is the Olympics in Beijing in February. There is great uncertainty about the conditions in the ski resort.

200 snow cannons have been installed to make artificial snow for the Yanqing ski resort, according to Inside the Games. It is not far from the desert and there is excitement about how the snow will be. Especially if there is a lot of wind.

– Probably none of those who are going to the Olympics have been there, so it is the same for everyone. For my part, it was a bit the same during the Olympics in Pyeongchang and in Sochi. The climate is quite dry, and the desert is not too far away. Then the snow becomes dry and aggressive. We have to find the right setup for the equipment, says Kristoffersen.

– I think it will go pretty well, but you never have guarantees.


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