Wednesday, January 26

Luc Ferry: “There is a paranoid component in the anti-vaccine movements”

Guest of the CNEWS Morning, this Tuesday, November 23, the philosopher Luc Ferry returned to the anti-vaccine movements against Covid-19, which according to him is paranoia.

For Luc Ferry, “there is a paranoid component in the anti-vaccine movements, with the idea:” we are deceived, we are lied to, there are plots behind, there is George Soros, there is Bill Gates “Finally all this nonsense that we hear, 5G, we are going to implant chips etc”.

“With the paranoid, discussion is impossible”

“There is a component clinically if I may say paranoid, and with paranoiacs discussion is impossible. I knew a lady, when I was a kid, she saw Mickeys in her sink. I told him “but no Augustine, the Mickeys don’t live in the sinks, it’s not possible”. The only thing she deduced was that I was in cahoots with the Mickeys, I never managed to convince her! ”Exclaimed the philosopher.

According to Luc Ferry, it is “very complex, if not impossible, to discuss or reason with these people who see plots everywhere”.

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