Friday, May 27

New 2022 automobile penalty: here are the vehicles that are affected

From January 1, a new penalty will appear for motorists. It provides for an additional tax for the heaviest vehicles.

Buyers of new combustion engine vehicles weighing more than 1.8 tonnes will be affected by this penalty. Plug-in or hybrid vehicles are not affected by this measure.

Aimed at limiting the purchase of bulky SUVs, this measure, resulting from the Citizens’ Convention for the Climate, is nevertheless limited. Few such vehicles exceed 1.8 tonnes. Our colleagues from South West revealed that among the 20 best-selling SUVs in France, none weighs enough to trigger the penalty. Indeed, the average private car in France weighs rather 1,243 kilos.

For the targeted cars, the tax is 10 euros per additional kilo above the threshold of 1.8 tonnes. This penalty will be added to the CO2 tax. The cumulation of these two taxes will be capped. “The last installment of the scale will amount to 40,000 € for vehicles with a CO2 rate higher than 223 grams of CO2 / km, instead of 30,000 € in 2021 for more than 218 grams of CO2 / km”, indicates the site of service public.

Note that large families may be reduced. The tax will be reduced to 200 kilos per child, from the moment the vehicle has at least five seats.

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