Sunday, November 28

Philippines presidential candidate Marcos Jr takes drug test

(Belga) The son and namesake of ex-dictator Ferdinand Marcos announced on Tuesday that he had been tested for cocaine after President Rodrigo Duterte accused a presidential candidate, whose name he did not name , to take drugs.

Marcos Jr, one of the main contenders for Mr Duterte’s succession in 2022, said in a statement he was tested on Monday and submitted the results to police. He told a TV station that he tested negative. “I really don’t feel like I’m the one being referred to,” said Marcos Jr, better known as “Bongbong”. Mr. Duterte, at the origin of a war on drugs marked by thousands of murders committed by the police, did not give the identity of the candidate who would have, according to him, consumed cocaine . Several times he referred to this person using a masculine pronoun. “There is a candidate who was taking cocaine, you can ask the rich,” Duterte said Monday. “Why didn’t I stop this person? You don’t know the rich, they go on a yacht or in the air, that’s where they snort,” he said. A poll carried out in October by the Social Weather Stations institute credits Marcos Jr with 47% of the vote and would therefore be the best placed candidate for the presidential election of May 2022. Behind him is the current vice-president, Leni Robredo, a great rival by Rodrigo Duterte (18%) and actor and Mayor of Manila Francisco Domagoso (13%). Former boxing world champion and Senator Manny Pacquiao comes in fourth with 9%, followed by Senator Panfilo Lacson (5%). Mr. Lacson announced on Tuesday that he and his running mate, Senator Vicente Sotto, had voluntarily taken a “multiple drug test” on Monday and tested negative. Boxer Pacquiao, who admitted to using marijuana and methamphetamine in his youth, said he was in favor of making this type of testing mandatory for people running for government positions. “While I am not in a position to judge anyone on this issue, I am ready to be tested for drugs anytime and anywhere,” Pacquiao said Friday. The mayor of Manila also denied on Friday that he had used drugs. (Belga)

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