Thursday, December 9

Restaurant Review: Spaghetteria – an Italian Disneyland

At Spaghetteria, the clichés are as dense as rice grains in risotto.

Spaghetteria has a complete and stylish interior with earth tones, Italian movie stars and artificial flowers.

It’s almost like you have to laugh. Not only is the pasta classic menu, the fresh produce shelves full of pesto, parmesan, sausages and basil, the 60s prunes flowing out of the speakers, the black and white pictures of Italian butter singers and movie stars decorating the walls. In the middle of Spaghetteria’s newly decorated premises, an Italian grandmother also makes pasta by hand.

A visit to Spaghetteria, Andreas Viestad’s and Dag Tjersland’s new main lounge in Bjørvika, is a bit like a trip to Disneyland. Or even more so the Danish built-in «Mediterranean city» Lalandia, known for families with small children on holiday in Legoland.

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