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Statnett restricts electricity flow to Sweden

Statnett will operate the power grid in the same way as the Swedes. Therefore, Statnett is now taking measures that limit the flow of electricity from Eastern Norway across the border to Sweden.


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There have been challenges in the operation of the power system this autumn, with major restrictions in the grid to Norway from Sweden in the south, Statnett points out in a Message.

Now the company, which operates the international connections and the largest transmission lines in the Norwegian power grid, will take measures that limit the flow of electricity from southern Norway to Sweden, and operate the grid like the Swedes.

– This is about us having as equal conditions as possible on both sides of the border, and creating symmetry in trade between the countries, says communications director Henrik Glette in Statnett to E24.

E24 wrote on Monday that the Norwegian authorities through NVE and RME asked the Swedes for answers as to why the flow of electricity from Sweden to Norway will be limited in the years ahead.

– Is this a form of revenge because the Swedes have less capacity against Norway than vice versa?

– No, not at all, we have a good relationship with the Swedes. But there has been no symmetry in the conditions in the operation, which lays the foundation for the capacity determination. We now want to rectify this, says Glette.

– The situation worries us

Svenska Kraftnät, which operates Sweden’s power grid, has pointed out that the restrictions on power transmission to other countries are partly due to bottlenecks and challenges internally in the Swedish grid.

According to Statnett, the limitations and challenges in the Swedish network have meant that little power has flowed from Sweden to Eastern Norway, even in periods with higher rates in southern Norway than in southern Sweden. At the same time, Norway has exported power to Sweden when prices are higher there.

Norwegian Statnett now says that they will operate the network from the Norwegian side in a similar way as the Swedes. That is, without a system protection that optimizes the flow of current across the border.

While Statnett has installed such system protection, Svenska Kraftnät has chosen not to. Now Statnett is also dropping system protection.

According to Statnett, this will lead to a reduction in capacity from Eastern Norway to Sweden. Specifically, it is a question of the flow between the Norwegian price area NO1 and the Swedish price area SE3.

– Transparency, reciprocity and common understanding are the cornerstones of the Nordic power system. We now experience that there is a need to practice a more similar practice in operations, says CEO Hilde Tonne of Statnett, according to the report.

She points out that the power system is undergoing major and demanding changes, with reduced nuclear power in Sweden and increased use of wind power and foreign cables. However, this has been known for years to the players who operate the network, Statnett points out.

– The situation worries us, and we have had a dialogue with Svenska Kraftnät about the issue. We also have input on how the network can be operated to increase the capacity of important transmission limits. Until these are in place, it is natural for us to practice the same operating arrangements as we do on the Swedish side to ensure symmetry and balance in our collaboration, says Tonne.

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Finnish and Danish concerns

The Finnish and Danish authorities have sent similar letters to the Swedish energy authority asking why Sweden continues to restrict trade in electricity with neighboring countries.

The Finnish Energy Authority points out that it has hardly been possible to send electricity from Finland to Sweden, despite the fact that there is demand in southern Sweden. The Danish Energy Authority points out that there have been problems with restrictions on Sweden’s foreign connections for ten years.

NVE asks Sweden for more transparency, and to turn every stone to improve the situation in the power exchange.

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