Thursday, December 9

Terrorism. At the November 13 trial, itineraries of jihad backpackers

Among the 20 accused in the November 13 attacks, he is not the best known. However, the Pakistani Muhammad Usman is a singular character, because he is the one who comes from the farthest. Without possible discussion.

Continuing the hearings of the investigators of the DGSI, the specially composed assize court began on Tuesday to study the course, vertiginous and parceled out in gray areas, of this defendant from eastern Pakistan, more than 6,000 km from the box of the courthouse in Paris where he is being tried.

Born in Bahawalpur at an uncertain date (1993 or 1981 according to the documents presented), Muhammad Usman grew up in Wahi Mochian, a poor village in the Punjab region, which has many Taliban. After a religious education in a madrasa, the Pakistani services say they have lost track …

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