Sunday, November 28

The nine-year-old is pessimistic and complains all the time. Four suggestions for what parents can do.

The son pours out negative things to the mother all the time. When can she say “Now there are enough complaints?”

If the mother asks the son to “stop complaining”, he will not necessarily be better at dealing with his own feelings. But he may feel rejected and alone with the feelings and feel sorry for himself. So go into a victim role, writes psychologist specialist Line Marie Warholm.

Reader questions:

I have a wonderful, empathetic, and kind boy of nine years. As a person, he is somewhat pessimistic, has a “complaining” attitude and often points out negative things: “I do not think school is fun”, “I do not like that she does this and that”, “I never get …” etc. I listen and give him advice, but now I wonder how far I should go in the “understand-you” role. When can I say: “Now there are enough complaints”?

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