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TPMP: Nathalie Marquay confides on Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s cancer (VIDEO)

Nathalie Marquay, the wife of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, was present on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, this Monday, November 22, to discuss the lung cancer from which the former host of the 13h of TF1 suffers.

A terrible news that the journalist evokes in the report “Jean-Pierre Pernaut: the life after” which will be broadcast on C8 on December 9th. The former Miss France, however, decided to anticipate the revelation in order not to leave room for rumors concerning the state of health of her husband.

“If I came this evening, it’s because it is getting publicized at the moment, otherwise we had the report, we had prepared well with Jean-Pierre, it should not be said tonight (…) Jean -Pierre couldn’t come this evening, he told me ‘go Nat’, because of course in the networks, ‘Yes she comes to talk about her’ (…) You have to say things as they are, ”she explains on the set of Cyril Hanouna’s show.

The extract from the report where Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who had already fought against prostate cancer in 2018, reveals his disease was also broadcast. “In April-May, I was discovered a little disease that happens to people who smoke, who do stupid smoking. For years I have been told ‘quit smoking’. I smoked, a lot, and they found me a little lung cancer, it is the first time that I speak about it. March-April, they start to make me a CT, because I had bronchitis which did not pass, April it looked like cancer, May a PET-scan confirms that there is a small lung cancer ”, can we hear him say.

According to Nathalie Marquay, Jean-Pierre Pernaut had a lung operation in July, before doctors discovered in September that the second was also affected. But this time, the operation is impossible. “There, he does radiotherapy”, specifies Lou and Tom’s mother. The former Miss France explains that her husband keeps a morale of steel and that the whole family supports him in his fight against the disease. “And then he has a steely morale, and then we are with him, all his family and then he fights and then as they say, never two without three, we each had cancer and then there is another is coming, ”she says.

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