Thursday, December 9

Unusual. Your dog now has his TV channel

A chain that has dog? DOGTV is a canine streaming service launched in Israel in 2012. The pay-TV channel was launched in Europe and the UK on November 8.

But what does it consist of? Already, DOGTV was created by “scientists and canine experts” and is based on “more than 60 scientific studies”, we explain in a series of short introductory videos in which a man explains the concept of ‘a dog’s point of view. Just that.

The goal of the platform is therefore to appease the doggies through, in particular, content, sounds and colors adapted to canines. The idea is to calm the animals, stimulate them and even educate them.

But do dogs watch screens? A dog trainer featured in one of the presentation videos is reassuring: the channel is beneficial for the animal even if it is not actively watching it.

The specialist then assures that the chain makes the dogs happier, even if the results do not manifest directly.

Is it fair to make him look at a screen?

So, to be clear, a journalist from the Guardian took the test. And the answer is clear: his dog is bored. As for her owner, she almost fell asleep in front of her screen and wondered about the meaning of her life.

On the channel we find other videos, this time of several hours. The female dog still does not seem convinced and, from the journalist’s side, the questions fuse: “Is it fair to make her look at a screen when she seems so much happier looking at me with total disdain?” she does.

And when she tries to get her dog to watch a program where one of her fellows is running behind a ball on the beach, she notices her dog’s disappointment: “She pricked up her ears, didn’t see a toy in front of her, looked at me as if I had lied, then turned her head away, “she says.

After a while the female dog refuses to watch TV

The animal prefers to be concerned with the real world around it, such as a lady passing in the street or a spider’s web hanging from the radiator. Eventually, the female dog will even refuse to take a look at DOGTV. And this despite the drops of colors swirling in the water or birds flying in a bright blue sky, notes the journalist.

Despite everything, the channel seems to have a certain interest since some shows focus on training and educating owners about the troubles of their dogs.

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