Tuesday, January 18

Everyday life. Slipping under the duvet, the favorite moment of the French

The French are in big trouble … If we have the reputation of being the dirtiest humans on the planet, a study published this Wednesday in any case reveals that we take care of our bed linen. Since the start of the health crisis, the overwhelming majority of French people (93%) say they wash their sheets.

According to an OpinionWay study carried out for the brand of bed linen Bonsoirs, 88% of French people say they change their sheets as soon as they get dirty. More than half of respondents (58%) also explain changing their bedding before a date. And they are 47% to change the sheets after having sex.

But the bed is also the symbol of everyday life. Thus, 59% of respondents say they change their sheets on Sunday to start the week off right and 58% say they do so when they return from vacation.

If the French pay particular attention to their bedding, it is because for more than half of them the time to slip under the sheets represents their favorite time of the day (49%), ahead of breakfast (25%) and leaving the shower where you wrap yourself in the towel (10%).

“Slipping under the sheets is letting go. The health crisis has strengthened the link between the French and their bed, which has become a refuge in the face of a sometimes anxious exterior”, comments Nicolas Morschl, founding president of Bonsoirs.

The bed, “the place to be” since the Covid

The study also reveals that, the coronavirus having been there, certain habits have been modified, starting with teleworking. 62% of working people tele-work “as often”, or even “more often”, in their bed since the start of the health crisis. 58% even make their videoconferences there.

Among teleworkers in the bed, those under 35 “particularly affected by the crisis” are far ahead of their elders (72%). Among the 35-49 year olds, they are also 66% to choose to telework from their bed, against 47% among those over 50 years old.

The bed, this refuge area, is no longer just the place where we let ourselves go to our dreams, but also a space where we feel good, protected from the outside world.

“The link between the French and their bed has grown since the pandemic, but the phenomenon was already there before and is part of a global trend of cocooning. The market around the room is exploding”, analyzes Nicolas Morschl. He also notes that the French are more in search of “quality and comfort” when choosing their bed linen.

Telework in bed, but also have breakfast there? The French are also numerous to indulge in this little pleasure: 56% say they eat breakfast in bed as often, or even more often, than before the health crisis.

16% of those under 35 have increased the frequency of breakfast in bed, according to the OpinionWay study for Bonsoirs. They are now 68% to have adopted this tradition.

The French don’t skimp on quality

If they don’t hesitate to drink their coffee under the covers, the French want to be able to do it comfortably. This is why 23% of them plan to change beds more.

They are also just under a third (31%) to give more importance to their bed linen. “Two-thirds also consider that the quality of the sheets is as important as that of the mattress,” recalls the founder of the Bonsoirs brand.

But on the budget side, things get stuck. Quality sheets are still too expensive for 73% of those questioned …


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