Friday, January 21

Isere. In Grenoble, the town hall finances a shelter for yellow vests

According to information from Dauphiné Libéré, the town hall of Grenoble, held by the environmental party, financed a shelter for yellow vests along the Pierre and Marie Curie roundabout, to the south of the city. “A place that will change things for us, because spending our Saturdays outside, when it’s raining or it’s cold, it’s not always easy …”, say those concerned.

Work that requires assistance of up to 11,000 euros from the municipality. “The yellow vests came to us, like any collective. And we chose, like most other requests, to respond. Because that makes sense, since their action is also to go to the inhabitants , to work on projects to transform public life. We therefore gave them this operational response, knowing that this site is a public place, which could be used by people other than the yellow vests “, explains Margot Belair, deputy to sector 4 and elected in charge of the COPs.

“Outrageous” funding

The funding for this shelter aroused strong reactions. The LREM deputy of Isère Emilie Chalas was one of the first to draw, using the terms “hallucinating” and “scandalous”.

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The mayor of Grenoble, for his part, reacted on RTL, saying he was “very shocked by the controversy that is triggered by the macronists”. “They do not demonstrate. They are there, they meet, they discuss, as well as the people below my home,” he added.

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